The crypto market may be trading sideways, but there are some that are showing signs of huge potential gains. And gains in this context don’t mean the random pump and dump schemes that have become characteristic of this market, but rather consistent gains. One crypto with such potential is Waves (Waves).  Waves has consistently performed well for the past few months, save for a few market corrections here and there. Going forward there are a number of factors that could see the value of Waves (Waves) rise significantly.

For starters, in the near-term, Waves (Waves) is likely to be boosted by the upcoming Vostok airdrop. Vostok will be doing a 1:1 airdrop to Waves holders in April. Averaging of waves accounts for snapshots is already ongoing. Here are more details of this airdrop as per the Vostok page.

Vostok is leveraging the latest advances in the blockchain technology by implementing Waves-NG, a next-generation consensus algorithm, increasing network capacity, stability and speed. Vostok is airdropping a total of 30,000,000 VST tokens to WAVES and WCT token holders. Snapshot will occur for both WAVES and WCT tokens and VST tokens will be airdropped in 1:1 ratio.

As this airdrop approaches, more people will jump into Waves for free cryptos. This could see the value of Waves rise sharply all through this quarter, and going into Q2.

Besides this airdrop, Waves (Waves) will be boosted by the growth in popularity of the Waves (Waves) DEX. Waves decentralized exchange is so popular that it has been ranked one of the top 4 DEXs to watch out for in 2019. Considering that overall interest in decentralized exchanges is growing, for security reasons, Waves (Waves), which is the native token to the Waves ecosystem is likely to keep growing in value going forward.

Then there is the growth of projects launching on the Waves blockchain.  The Waves blockchain is scalable and secure, which makes it perfect for the launch of Dapps. Besides, Waves is going the extra mile of facilitating good quality projects launch on the waves blockchain through grants. For instance, a project called Tumblex Mixer has already received a grant to facilitate its launch on the Waves blockchain.  As per the Waves Lab blog, they have now received more than 50 grant applications, and they are still in the process of reviewing them.

At Waves Labs, we are committed to doing whatever we can to foster the growth of our ecosystem and the development of the Waves community. Since we announced our grant program, we have received more than 50 applications. We are still in the process of reviewing applications and haven’t yet had the chance to reply to everyone.

As more projects launch on the Waves blockchain, the value of the Waves token will rise significantly as well. It has a good chance of emerging as a top gainer this year. If the entire market turns bullish, it would be a welcome boost and could see the value of Waves hit its all-time highs this year. The future of Waves (Waves) looks good.


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