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After releasing the Funding Proposal 2019, NEM (XEM) looks to gain the trust of its users. NEM core team has accepted that there have been some financial issues going on within the XEM ecosystem. The past year has a mess for most digital assets, but those cryptos which have survived the bearish market consist of multiple entities for success.  

NEM wants to become a multiple purpose network which solves different issues and can easily be integrated into any other network. NEM in its Funding Proposal presented a detailed explanation of their upcoming strategy and it looks that the XEM community has taken this in a positive manner.  

Despite all the issues going on, NEM (XEM) wants to grow its mass adoption and looks forward to a better response. For this NEM focuses on three key pillars to make adoption of NEM technology happens. These three key aspects are to get Catapult ready for public launch, to make Catapult easy to use and accessible to the users, and drive adoption through NEM’s global service partner network (NEMsp). 

NEM (XEM) has updated on their Catapult Mobile Wallet and they are committed to becoming a product-focused, revenue-driven organization and they hope this update showcases what NEM Foundation can do to serve the community better. 

The interim CTO of the NEM Foundation, Jeff McDonald is momentarily supervising the entire technology development support for the XEM Foundation approaching the launch Catapult, which includes the SDKs, building tools, development of the global ecosystem of users and partners, and supporting applications. 

The developers are looking forward to working on the Catapult wallet and improve as much as they can. NEM development team are looking to join the NEM2slack channel known as sig-client. The app has been designed, but there is still a bit to work to do. The developers are working on it and they further need to define things like URI, QR, a wallet seed standard, and then finally go for testing. 

This all progress shows that NEM (XEM) has felt the responsibility and they are serious on the growth of XEM ecosystem. This is what makes NEM users trust in the digital asset. The hard time comes in any organization, but the key thing is to cope up with these difficulties with elegance and patience. This showcases the capability of a network and this requires teamwork. At the moment, it looks like that NEM are doing good so far.  

These are steps taken by NEM has paid it off and even though most of the market is trading in red, XEM is rising with high rate. At the time of press, NEM (XEM) was surging at a rate of 6.72% and the trading price was around $0.0418 USD with a market cap of $376 million and a trading volume of $12 million. 


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