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The world financial system is changing and the blockchain technology has taken over some biggest banks in the world. Stellar (XLM) is one of those digital assets which has a major impact on this blockchain technology. Stellar is progressing in every field and this attracts users towards the XLM ecosystem. 

Stellar has released its newest version on the Github, which is v10.2.0. There have been some stability improvements. In this version, there is a way to differentiate the peers and this would enhance the overall quality of the peers which are used by the XLM network. In the previous version, there was a little problem in SCP code, which has been fixed in this update. A much-improved performance when processing failed trades in the order book. There has been an improvement in the performance and reliability while downloading of files during catchup and it has been updated to latest asio release. The archive nodes were not able to publish, which was causing retries and delays in publishing new snapshots has also been fixed up. 

Some new features that have been added to v10.2.0 include much simplified and documented metrics. An added progress meter during the catch-up and the ability to log the transactions and their results. An addition has been made to the SCP status which now includes delayed validator details which now allows recognizing the slow validators in the quorum. 

All these basic updates will improve the overall working of the Stellar (XLM) core, which is the backbone of the entire XLM network. One more big news around the Stellar ecosystem is that its decentralized exchange, StellarX has been acquired by the biggest exchange in Canada, Coinsquare.  

This is a great booster for Stellar and it can be one of the reasons why XLM has surged pretty decently in the market. The acquisition by the Canadian exchange which explores the StellarX platform, but it will stay under the Stellar branding which is a good point. 

Moreover, the major part of Stellar is its lightning network which has revolutionized the world banking system and its collaboration with IBM blockchain has made it a much bigger brand in the crypto world. These factors are playing a key role in the success of the XLM growth. This year so far, Stellar is looking to get started with little updates and pick up the pace in the mid of the year.

The market from the past couple of weeks has been positive and in the last seven days Stellar has gained up to 3.74% and in today’s market, it has been one of the top gainers. This is an indicator for the bullish market arrival and this has relieved many crypto HODLers. 

At the time of writing, Stellar (XLM) was trading with a price of $0.079 USD with a rising rate of 5.12% in the last 24 hours. The market cap of XLM was around $1.5 billion and the trading volume was almost $227 million.  


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