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It is a nature of human that when an eye-catching product is launched in the market, they go after that product and expect much better from it from its next model. That is how users are seeing Electroneum (ETN) at the moment.  

Since Electorneum’s appearance into the cryptosphere, it has made an impact in the market with its main feature of mobile crypto and KYC compliant. So, the ETN users are thinking too much from it in very less time. But, from a business prospective user need to give some time to an Electroneum to really settle down and built its root deep down into the industry while enhancing its core. The stronger the fundamentals of ETN are the wider it will its growth. 

The users base of Electorneum (ETN) is increasing and what ETN needs to do is to provide these users with some benefits that earn the trust of the users. As time is passing on, Electroneum is coming up with more upgrades to its network. Recently, they released the iOS app and the response from the users have been excellent. Moreover, cloud mining for both iOS and Android is now available on mobile apps. 

There are certain factors that investors need to focus on and one of them is the market trend. In the recent few weeks, the market has shown some really positive signs, though it has not been much effective still the market has traded mostly in green. There are two types of investors, long-term and short-term. For the long-term investors the formula is simple, just HODL their ETN’s and accessing the progress of Electroneum they should invest more in it. For the short-termers, who wants to have benefited from small bull markets, they need to follow the market keenly as they can have some good amount of money in the coming few weeks. 

The reason for the fluctuation of Electroneum’s market cap is not a big a worry and the investors should understand that the crypto market has still vulnerabilities which will go with time. Even the mighty Bitcoin (BTC) has to face this issue and the downfall of BTC has been the main problem for the rest of the market. But, as soon as the Bitcoin settles that would be the time when the bull market will really pick up the pace. If the price of BTC goes past $4,000 USD that would probably the time when the rest of the altcoins would fight back for their spots.  

At the time of press, Electroneum (ETN) was trading at a price of $0.0066 USD. The fact that in the last seven days, it has been trading in red with a downward trend of –8%. But, today it is carrying a bit of positive momentum and this might end its poor performance in the upcoming 48 hours. The market cap of ETN was around $59 million with a trading volume of $169K. 


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