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Cardano (ADA) Stamping Its Authority in The Market; ADA Will Go Further Up with Its New Vision!

After the recent change in tactics by Cardano (ADA), it looks to gain pretty much momentum in the market. The recent roadmap designed by Cardano network has come at a good time, as the market has started to settle down and enter into a new phase of the bull run.  

After a long period of time, the crypto market has looked so much promising in terms of a bullish trend. Cardano is taking full advantage of the market and is highly anticipating most of the top altcoins. The future of Cardano looks really bright and it’s not just that Cardano has become a bigger brand, the core of its network is pretty strong. The way Charles Hoskinson is carrying the entire Cardano network on the behalf IOHK is just amazing.  

Cardano (ADA) has yet to showcase its real image to the world, the development in smart contracts that focus on to provide users with advanced features. The only blockchain project that is working to improve blockchain technology through a scientific approach. Several members are working for Cardano from different top institutions across the world. This is helping Cardano’s project because this brings in a lot of experience, which includes engineers, developers and software experts.  

Recently, Cardano brought up its new roadmap with a change in its different technical aspects, but still working under the same core. In the upcoming IOHK summit which is set to be held in April, Charles Hoskinson will explain the entire plan of the ADA project which is planned until 2020. 

The potential of Cardano both in development and market is of top-level and this is what makes it a perfect HODL. Since the start of this year, the market has given indications of the bull market and from last week, it has really kicked off. Cardano is worth investing crypto which will come on top and ultimately benefit the HODLers in a long-term run.  

The key thing to note is that what will Hoskinson reveal in the upcoming summit. If something big is announced, Cardano can really skyrocket, if the market condition keeps on getting better.  

Examining today’s (19th February 2019) market, Cardano (ADA) has really sky-rocketed. In the last 24 hours, ADA has surged up to 12% and if it keeps on going further high, it might touch $0.05 USD in the next 48 hours’ time. Currently, ADA is trading at 11th spot with a market cap of $1.2 billion and a trading volume of $42 million. 



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