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Verge (XVG) Status in Q2 Can Be Different as XVG Founder, Justin Sunerok Describes Its Potential!

The recent interview by Verge (XVG) Founder, Justin Sunerok to the CryptoSlate about a couple of weeks ago. He talked about different things that how he got into the cryptospace and talked about his inspiration to create a privacy coin.  

As Bitcoin was making a huge impact in the early days, Justin thought to make a privacy coin. There were two major privacy coin projects at that time back in 2010 and 2011, but they were lacking top-level privacy. So, Justin wanted to make such a digital asset which could solve this privacy issue with much efficiency and effectiveness.  

Verge (XVG) has added much to the privacy of digital asset. Justin said that they are the one who brought up the I2P technology and the I2P nodes. He further added that they are working more on improving the privacy of XVG and they would come up with a better outcome. As they have dedicated and experienced team of developers. 

According to the Founder of the Verge, Monero has some vulnerabilities and is pretty opaque. The users complain about it, as it is hard to see any sort of double-spend attack or exploits. But still, they could not probably define the quality of any privacy coin at the moment because all the privacy cryptos are still in developing phase and each asset has its own feature which is different from each other. But in an overall view, Justin claimed Verge to be better than the rest of the privacy coins. 

The privacy is such an aspect which adds a lot of value to an asset. The main goal of Verge (XVG) is to replace the IP address with much better technology. As IP addresses have some issues and to overcome it there must be an alternative to improve the quality of XVG. 

Verge is one of those cryptocurrencies that do not have an ICO and this makes them be at a safer end. Verge Founder is very much keen that this year is the one to recover back and this is a new beginning for the privacy coin.  

The market from the past few weeks has been exceptionally good and the indications are giving signals of green light to be turned on once again for the market. If the market keeps on to get better in the coming time, then we can see Verge getting back into the top 30 places. Most of the cryptoanalysts are predicting Q2 to be a good one for XVG, depending upon the market situation. 

At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was trading with a price of $0.0064 USD with a market cap of $97 million and a trading volume of $1.2 million. The market today has gone down, but XVG is trading about a neutral point. 



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