Holochain (HOT), Holochain

Different cryptocurrencies have different risk-reward levels. For instance, Bitcoin (BTC) at this point is stable, as compared to altcoins. It’s well-known and there is lots of institutional interest in it. It has a low risk of a tremendous price collapse, but its upside potential is also lower than the riskier altcoins. One altcoin that is risky but can make you extremely rich is Holochain (HOT). Several factors make Holochain (HOT) a high potential investment with the potential for 1000X.

  1. It is extremely cheap

Holochain (HOT) is extremely cheap at the moment. This means that you can accumulate millions of them for just a few thousand dollars.  If its price collapses, you can be deep in the negative, but it is still manageable. On the flipside, if Holochain makes significant gains, due to a market-wide rally, a significant Holochain holding can make you good money. Since it is valued so lowly at the moment, its potential for huge gains is quite high.

  1. It’s revolutionizing the Dapps ecosystem

Holochain is taking a different approach to decentralized applications. It takes an agent-centric approach. This solves the main problem that blockchain faces, and that’s the problem of scalability. Once Holochain takes this mainstream, it could revolutionize how we interact with Dapps for good. It is also supported by the fact that society is demanding more privacy online. As such, Holochain could see an upsurge in world-changing applications. That’s because, Holochain applications do not share data. The user is fully in control of their data. Holochain also makes sure that it is highly secure. For instance, in the Holochain blog about  browser keys, they state that,

We want Holo end-users to be able to log into an application from any computer, without having to memorize 24 mnemonic words, or give up control of their private keys to anyone, including the Holo organization or the HoloPort hosts who run their app.

This security, and full data privacy could see Holochain gain significantly in Dapps development. This gives it a high potential of a price surge going forward. For someone who holds a significant amount of Holochain (HOT), this could translate into a tidy profit.

  1. Altcoins are likely to pump more

In all the recent Bitcoin (BTC) pumps, altcoins have pumped harder. This means that if Bitcoin (BTC) gets into a full-blown bull market, chances are that altcoins will gain by a significantly higher percentage. For an altcoin like Holochain that has some of the strongest fundamentals in crypto space, this could see its value surge exponentially. In fact, in a bull market, where major applications also launch on Holochain, this crypto could easily gain by thousands of percentage.

In essence, it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in Holochain (HOT) as a project or not. The fact is that this project has a huge potential to make it big in the future. It’s potential to do 1000X or more is quite high. All it will take is a market-wide Bull Run coupled with a massive increase in the adoption of Holochain in the Dapps ecosystem.


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