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Cardano (ADA) has changed its incentive and Charles Hoskinson in a recent video interview gave an overview of Cardano project since its launch and what have they gone through so far.  

In the recent past, there has been a lot of things that have changed in the Cardano network, where it has been different heads of the organization or its road map. Charles Hoskinson, the important thing for the CEO of the company is the basic teachings which he can take out from the road map of ADA. This is the reason that they have been very focused on their road map, which decides their future prospects. 

The entire team of Cardano (ADA) is working towards achieving the goal to make it a long-term big fish. According to Hoskinson, the big achievement is how to lead the digital asset in the market and what you need to do to improve your product quality so users get attracted towards it. The core focus for Cardano is doing things under scientific research and to execute on the basis of science it is always difficult but the outcomes are really helpful to solve complicated issues. 

Hoskinson is really happy with what the Cardano network has done so far and he is seeing Cardano has one of the long-term digital assets that would really have an impact on the market in the future. At the moment, ADA has many things to prove and their new roadmap is an indication that they are looking to move forward accordingly to the technology. As with time things evolve and ADA dev team is sharp to look after the technical aspects that are changing. 

The market is getting better and the recovery has been good enough and this indicates a much mature market than last year. So, if things really change, the investors will have a really great time. So, the HODLers of ADA should follow the market trend and HODL on with their assets for a while. The next quarter could be a fruitful one for Cardano and its investors. 

Examining the market, it is turning to green and Cardano is also trading with the positive momentum. At the time of writing, Cardano (ADA) was trading with a price of $0.045 USD with a market cap of $1.17 billion and a trading volume of $17 million. If the market goes bullish once again in the next 24 hours, there are changes that ADA could touch $0.47 USD or maybe $0.05 USD. 


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