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NEO (NEO) and Ontology are two interesting projects, and have both given investors massive returns in the past. However, over time lots of things have changed. The crypto bear has eaten away the value of both cryptos, and fundamental developments within them could see the two take different trajectories in the future. For starters, NEO (NEO) seems to be falling back in terms of development. NEO is planning on doing a NEO 3.0, which entail redoing the whole project from scratch. The idea is to make it more practical for real-world businesses.

While this sounds like a great idea, it could be a little too late. This isn’t 2016 anymore when this space was still small, and not much development had been achieved. Right now, the space is already grown, and lots of projects can easily do what NEO is aiming to do. Projects like Cardano are already far ahead. Ethereum too is making huge strides. In essence, in the next 2 years, which is the timeframe that NEO is projecting for rebuilding, other projects will be very far off. Therefore, NEO (NEO) may not be the best project going forward. It faces a real risk of stagnation. Already its price is heavily depressed, and the hype and enthusiasm that surrounded it in the past are gone.

So, why Ontology (ONT)? Well, this project started off as a compliment for NEO (NEO) but it has grown tremendously since it launched. For instance, this project brought in a good number of NEO developers. This means that from a tech perspective, Ontology is solid. It has the same brains that were working on NEO (NEO) when it was still hot. This inspires confidence and will see it draw in investors, as money starts flowing back into the market.

Secondly, Ontology gives investors an incentive through staking.  Investors can stake Ontology and earn a passive income from it. This is part of the reason why it shot up so fast, after it launched. Therefore, now that it is trading at a huge discount just like everything else, it is one of the projects that will draw in investors once the bulls return. That’s because, the incentive to earn a passive income off it is still there, and the more one owns, the higher the earnings potential.

Nonetheless, crypto is still young, and very unpredictable. So many things can happen in a year, and change the dynamics altogether. In essence, it makes sense to keep close tabs on what a project is doing on a regular basis.  That’s the only way to keep updating decisions to fit emerging dynamics. For instance, Ontology now has close collaboration with the Chinese government, as well as Binance. Whether this is a good thing or not, only time will tell. The bottom line is that, outside of Bitcoin (BTC), all altcoins carry a huge risk, but they also have a higher potential for exponential gains. It all boils down to individual choice.


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