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Yesterday, Chris Gorman, an Electroneum director announced via Twitter that he was joining GSMA Intelligence as an advisory board member. This has elicited lots of excitement in the ETN community, and for good reason. The GSMA is an important body in the mobile telephony industry, an industry that is critical to the future growth of Electroneum (ETN).

The primary role of the GSMA is to advance the interests of the mobile industry and is focused on the data side of things. Through, it, the mobile industry has access to the latest data and statistics that can help in shaping industry strategic making and help push it forward. Therefore, with Chris in its advisory board, it means that he has the ear of the entire industry, and this is critical to the adoption of Electroneum, in an industry that is crucial to its growth. For instance, as per the GSMA website, one of their goals is to help reduce inequality.

The Mobile for Development team drives innovation in digital technology to reduce inequalities in our world. Singularly positioned at the intersection of the mobile ecosystem and the development sector, we stimulate digital innovation to deliver both sustainable business and large-scale socio-economic impact for the underserved. Our unique research and insights platform advances digital innovations and implementations that empower underserved populations to build a better future. Our in-market expertise informs partnerships between the mobile industry, tech innovators, governments and the development sector.

Dealing with inequality is one area where Electroneum could have maximum impact. That’s because, one of the reasons why there is so much inequality in the world is due to low levels of financial inclusion, especially in the developing world.

Electroneum solves this problem because it offers a blockchain-based solution where the poor can easily access financial services. For instance, through Electroneum, anyone can mine, and earn a passive income in ETN. It may not be much, but for the huge population of the world that lives on under a dollar a day, but has a mobile phone, this can be life-changing. In essence, if Chris can use his influence to drive mobile operators towards Electroneum as a solution, this can be a game-changer for ETN holders. That’s because the number of users would grow exponentially for ETN, and push up its demand.

Therefore, for Electroneum (ETN), this is one crypto that holds lots of prospects for the future. Not only does it have people in key positions of influence, it already has an exponential rate of adoption. Its adoption is growing faster than that of major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This growth makes Electroneum (ETN) one of the highest potential cryptos at current prices. In a bull market, where Bitcoin (BTC) blows past its all-time highs, Electroneum (ETN) could push to over $1 or more. It’s a low risk, high potential crypto investment, one that will reward those patient enough to wait. GSMA alone is enough to drive significant value growth for ETN, and create a wave of adoption like never seen before in crypto space.


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