Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of the top assets present in the market. It has a good team and the future looks bright. The entire Ethereum Classic team is competitive and the digital asset aim is to purely decentralized.  

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market which are good and have top-level blockchain technology, but they are not completely decentralized. Ethereum Classic concept is that a digital platform should be completely decentralized and that is when a digital asset would be able to achieve the real characteristic of a blockchain.  

Ethereum Classic (ETC) believes that as far as the element of centralization remains there in the blockchain ecosystem, there is the chance of attacks and we have seen in the past the security of several assets has been breached.  

So, this decentralization concept puts Ethereum Classic in the safe spot for the future. This is the core element and slogan of the blockchain technology and once the digital assets fully adopt this cryptocurrency. According to ETC network if the system to do not become full decentralized than they will be contained and coerced into cranny applications. 

Ethereum Classic at first was a part of the Ethereum ecosystem but due to some unfortunate incidents, ETC had to get separated from the ETH network. But, things are not all over yet, both the Ethereum network can once again get together to work in the future. So, positive things can happen in the future.

In the beginning, ETC was fast, the development was very passionate but in the recent past, things have slowed a bit down, but Ethereum Classic is not backing down and they are very optimistic as they shared a quote of Sir Winston Churchill: 

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” 

Ethereum Classic are actively exploring viable solutions that will sufficiently satisfy exchanges to re-enable full ETC functionality. In the meantime, ETC strongly suggests exchange services optimize confirmation times on deposits/withdrawals and resume business as usual.

If the market overall gets better, then it would help Ethereum Classic in getting back to its projects with much better pace. The market is getting better and Ethereum Classic has performed well in the last 24 hours. ETC is recovering at a better place as compared to the rest of the market. 

Examining the market, at the time of press, Ethereum Classic (ETC) had surged up to 3% and it was trading with a price of $4.42 USD. As it has dropped its market cap it currently trades at the 18th spot. The market cap of ETC is almost around $476 million and the trading volume is $175 million. Its volume is pretty impressive as compared to many digital assets which means that it is being used by crypto traders and other people. This is a positive sign to look forward and work on those issues which at the moment are working for the entire ecosystem. 

Such bullish market is helpful for Ethereum Classic (ETC) and if it continues to group back into good form, and if the entire market turns bullish then the upcoming quarter can be the time when Ethereum Classic has to make prominent decision regarding it road maps and take its investors in confidence, so the level of satisfaction of the HODLers is maximized.


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