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The market is still trading at what could possibly be the bottom, after a prolonged bear run. This makes it perfect timing to get into good altcoins. That’s because, the moment Bitcoin (BTC) gets into a real bull run, altcoins will be rising faster. In anticipation of this Bull Run, there are several altcoins that hold more potential than others. Some of those with the most potential are Digibyte (DGB) and Stellar (XLM). These two cryptos have taken a major hit in this bear market, and offer massive potential for growth. That’s because, on top of their depressed prices, these two cryptos have experienced huge growth in terms of technical development.

For instance, Stellar has experienced tremendous growth in the past year. Its uptake, a signal of a huge demand for the stellar network, has even led to network congestion. That’s why stellar developers are coming up with ingenious solutions to deal with this problem. One such solution is the release of stellar horizon 0.17.0. Horizon allows app/wallet developers to adjust fees in times of network congestion. This makes transactions more efficient. This is a big deal and prepares Stellar for growth in the network as blockchain becomes more accepted in the development of Dapps. Other developments in the stellar blockchain include the stellar starlight, a payment channel which allows for the fast, zero fee and most importantly private transactions. Starlight effectively opened up the stellar blockchain for adoption by banks and other players in the financial services industry. In essence, Stellar makes for a good hold this year, as blockchain goes mainstream.

The same goes for Digibyte (DGB). Digibyte (DGB) is trading at massive lows, as compared to its all-time highs. The Digibyte (DGB) team is working on Digiassets, which will open up the Digibyte (DGB) blockchain in the asset tokenization space. This is a big market, and could possibly be the future of the stock markets. This makes Digibyte (DGB) a high potential blockchain with the potential to dominate this market since it is one of the most secure. On top of that, Digibyte (DGB) has many other features that give it a huge potential for growth. Some of its most outstanding features include Digi-ID and Digi-Speed, which will push Digibyte to visa like speeds.  This could see Digibyte (DGB) gain adoption at an exponential rate going into the future, as it gains adoption as a means of exchange.

In essence, holding these two cryptos in a portfolio can easily lead to life-changing gains in a few years. Even getting back to their all-time highs can give huge gains to an investor who gets in at current prices.  Besides, they both got to the levels they got to in 2017, without much of the developments they have now. As such, there is a good chance that in a bull market, they have a huge chance of outperforming their all-time highs. The future is bright for these two cryptos, and now could be the best time to jump in.


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