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It’s March, which means that the roadmap deadline for the Shelley release is getting close. This has some investors concerned that it could be delayed again. In such a scenario, it could hurt the price, because it would reinforce the FUD that Cardano is a slow project that may never catch up to faster moving projects. In such a scenario, Cardano may find it hard to recover. That’s because, the market as it is, is full of uncertainties. As such, the likelihood of a project with higher levels of uncertainty could scare away investors.

However, if Charles Hoskinson’s recent AMA is anything to go by, there is a high likelihood that Shelley will happen within this quarter, or rather within this month. In fact, it could happen together with Ledger Nano integration. Here is what, Charles had to say about Ledger integration and Shelley release.

…I want to give an update on where you are with the ledger, and where we are at with Shelley, and then open it up for questions. In terms of ledger, things are moving along quite well. What happened was that there needed to be pretty considerable update to the software that was going on the ledger so we worked with a 3rd party called vacuum labs and vacuum labs has finished their package. And now ledger and Emurgo worked really hard…They think there is a pretty good possibility, not a 100% possibility but very good possibility, greater than 50% and they should be able to get it out end of march. In terms of Shelley, there really are 3 buckets of work and each of these buckets has to be done for Shelley to begin. So Byron was launched in September of 2017 and now we are reaching its end of life…the first update to release Shelley for our current codebase is 1.5…the good news is it beginning to work its way through that a faster pace. So there is a possibility will ship before the end of March.

From these statements, it is clear that this month could see both Ledger Nano integration and the Shelley Release. This makes Cardano the coin to watch this month. Chances are that the upcoming Cardano conference in April could be the time when all these announcements will be made, and significantly drive up the value of Cardano.

However, even another minor delay shouldn’t really worry long-term investors. That’s because, Staking is at the center of the future of Cardano. As such, it is best for Cardano to get it right, no matter how long it takes, rather than rush it and end up with a pump and dump. The long-term effects would be catastrophic to the value of Cardano (ADA).

That aside, once Shelley is released, Cardano could see its value rise way past its all-time highs. Its fundamentals are strong enough to support a bullish move, and the team is working hard to ensure that the roadmap is followed to the letter. The future of Cardano is bright as crypto adoption grows.


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