Verge, XVG

The hard times seem to go off as Verge (XVG) is progressing in the right direction. A currency which was ranked among the top 20 coins, is not even in top 50 coins. Despite XVG’s massive drop in its market cap over the last one year, Verge is looking to work deep into its core and come up with better outputs. 

Over the period of time, different digital assets including privacy coins as well as other assets have faced security threats and several times their security has been breached. We have seen Monero (XMR) whose security has been breached and according to a report by cybersecurity company Carbon Black, in the first half of 2018, almost $1.1 billion US dollars’ worth cryptocurrency.  

So, it’s not only about Verge (XVG) or any specific asset, it is still a big issue for the entire crypto network. Things have gotten better from the past, but still, there are some vulnerabilities that have to be overcome.  

The founder of the privacy coin, in his recent interview, talked about how much Verge has potential? He said that the privacy technology XVG is using is the I2P nodes and XVG was the first to do adopt this technology and they are further working to improve and work on new features of privacy. 

Verge (XVG) is still one of the best privacy coins in the world, despite its downfall, the future is just as bright as that of Bitcoin. In 2008, who would have thought that BTC would be the king of crypto, just like that who knows, one-day XVG mounts up and is one of the leading assets. It’s not just a prediction or assumption, Verge has the ability from a technical point of view as well.  

As far as its privacy is concerned, Verge is still one of the leading privacy coins in the market and its competition with Monero, Litecoin will speed up as we see new inventions in the technology. Moreover, the Verge is now included in the ecosystem of the CoinDAQTerminal project. This agreement helps to expand the overall adoption of XVG as a means of payment, and it provides increased awareness of Verge. 

The market performance of Verge (XVG) was looking solid, as it has traded in green from the last 48 hours. At the time of press, it was rising up at a rate of 2.3% and was trading at a price of $0.0064 USD with a market cap of $97 million. Those who are HODLing XVG should HODL on with their coins because in the bull run, Verge (XVG) could hit to skies and it would probably be worth of a HODL. 


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