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VeChain (VET) in recent days, has shown potential but at the very same time, the market has been very much uncertain. Investors are in a state of FUD, where they are not able to decide which coin to choose. So, keep an eye on VeChain (VET) is one of the safest cryptos for investment. 

VeChain is the past few weeks has traded under the bullish radar and analysts have given a green signal that it would probably go further high as it nears towards the upcoming VeChain summit.  

The VeChain summit which is scheduled to take place on 18th April in San Fransisco. The users of VET have a great opportunity to participate in the summit and come to know more about the digital asset. The users would be able to understand how VeChain is empowering enterprises and community developers. The users would have to register and receive their unique pass embedded with NFC chip used in the one-day immersive VeChainThor experience at Fort Mason, San Fransisco. 

The core objective of VeChain summit is to explore the technical aspects, updates of the VET network and support the developers from across the globe. The other aspect of this conference is that it will provide a pathway to enterprise adoption. In the summit, the world will come to know the solutions provided by VeChain blockchain and turnkey packages which would enhance its mass adoption. VET open ecosystem will allow different builders that would be able to give their precious advises to the VET team in the summit. 

The mission of VeChain (VET) team for this year is to build up a valuable transactional ecosystem. On the basis of complexity theory, VET wants to enable and create a developer community that will be able to perform important tasks to achieve their objectives in critical situations.

The VeChainThor blockchain network is built upon the concept of mass adoption and it keeps on influencing different industries, which is a key aspect in enhancing mass adoption. 

Examining the market performance of VeChain, in the last few hours, there has been a sudden dip, after it surged up to 15% earlier today (13th March 2019). At the time of writing, VeChain (VET) was trading in a downward trend with –1.15%, with a price of $0.00517 USD. In the last few weeks, VET has really gained its price and has traded in positive territory.  

The uncertainty in the market has created a lot of FUD among investors, but they should remain a bit patient. Investment is all about playing with nerves. So, VeChain (VET) is high potential crypto, which would provide high profit to its HODLers in future.  


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