Cardano, DigiByte

Q1 of 2019 is almost over and it has had its share of winners and losers. The biggest winners this quarter have been Litecoin (LTC) and Binance coin (BNB).  Both of them have regained a significant portion of their value, based on different factors. Binance coin pushed by the Binance Launch Pad, while Litecoin (LTC) has been driven largely by news of technical developments, adoption, as well as the anticipation of a major rally a few months down the road. In the coming quarter, these two are likely to continue giving huge gains, based on the factors that have supported them so far. However, there is also another set of cryptos that are yet to make any major moves yet, but hold lots of promise in Q2.

One of these cryptos is Cardano (ADA). As per the Cardano roadmap, Shelley is supposed to be released this month, and from what Charles Hoskinson and other members of the IOHK team have been saying, it is clear that it will happen. This means that a major rally could be underway, the moment the official announcement is made. As such, Cardano could have a very interesting time in Q2 as investors start staking ADA. The number of coins needed to stake ADA is just 1. However, a whole lot of people will be moving to accumulate way than one ADA. That’s because, the more one stakes, the more they stand to gain. This could create a huge buying pressure around Cardano in Q2, and create a rally. Decentralization via the Shelley release will also make Cardano a more attractive blockchain for Dapp’s developers. As such, Q2 could see an increase in the number of projects looking to launch on the Cardano blockchain. The result is that, it could lead to a massive increase in the price of Cardano (ADA), relative to a good chunk of the market.

Digibyte (DGB) is another project that has been largely sleepy all through Q1, with no major movements in price. However, with the upcoming Digibyte summit in April, Digibyte (DGB) could start Q2 with a healthy dose of FOMO. That’s because, there are projects that the Digibyte (DGB) team has been working on, and the community will be interested to see how far they are in progress. One of these is Digiassets. Digiassets is a huge idea that could see Digibyte become king in the STO (Security Token Offering) space. As such, the community will be eager to know how far things are, on this front. If major progress is announced, then Digibyte (DGB) could easily enter the league of potentially big performers in the next 3 months.

For investors that believe in these projects, this is a good time to keep an eye on them. If everything anticipated of them happens, then it would be time to go in, and make some money. Besides, even from a long-term perspective, these two projects are winners. They capture the whole essence of blockchain technology very well. Digibyte, for instance, is highly decentralized, and highly scalable and this makes it very competitive.


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