Electroneum, ETN

Electroneum (ETN) has gone out of the radar in a matter of time. A few weeks back it was trading within a range of top 65 digital assets and know it trades at the 82nd spot. The surprising factor is that the rest of the market has followed the positive momentum, and ETN has got a slight benefit. 

The major improvements have been the recent collaboration with Algoz and its listing on the trading network, Huobi. Some really positive aspects for Electroneum to move ahead into the next quarter of this year. 

The collaboration of Electroneum (ETN) with AlgoZ, is set to provide market-making services to the digital asset. AlgoZ, the Fingenom Group company would provide an automated liquidity solution for ETN. 

The CEO of Electroneum stated that they are very excited to have ETN listed on Huobi exchange. On the partnership with AlgoZ, he said that it was very much clear for Electroneum that after a successful collaboration with Kucoin and Liquid. He added that the ETN HODLers of Huobi exchange would be provided with 24/7 of steady and continuous liquidity. 

This cooperation of Electroneum will be a strong one because the vision of AlgoZ is similar to the vision of ETN. They want to work with top-level management in cryptosphere, so can achieve their targets and make the crypto economy more reliable, accessible, and progressive.  

Electroneum being the first mobile digital asset has achieved a lot of fame in such a less time period. The market uncertainty for ETN shows that it is still under development and still a lot of improvements need to be made. But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the capability, ETN has an ultimate aim to enhance mass adoption and it would happen but gradually and steadily. 

Electroneum (ETN) HODLers should keep their assets, and there could be a big breakthrough for the KYC compliant crypto. Buying ETN is such a low cost would not be a bad idea because especially for the short-term investors they can get profit from Electroneum if the price of ETN suddenly climbs up. 

At the time of press, Electroneum was surging up with a rate of 4% in the last 24 hours. The trading price of ETN was around $0.0064 USD having a market cap of $58 million and a trading volume around almost $3 million.  


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