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The market looks good and Stellar (XLM) even makes it good better, as it is on the gaining side. The market has turned to be positive for a while now and Stellar in the last seven days has gained up to 12%.  

Stellar has accomplished a lot in recent times and its collaboration with IBM has proved to be worth it. Recently, IBM signed a letter of intent with 6 international banks. The agreement signed for the issuing of stable coins, and tokens which are baked by the fait currency.  

This would work under the World Wire, the IBM payment system, which is based on the Stellar public blockchain. The users would be able to do transactions more easily and with low cost across the borders. 

At the moment, as per the statement by IBM officials, three banks have been identified which include, Philippines-based RCBC, Bank of Busan of South Korea, and Brazil’s Banco Bradesco. The rest of the three banks would be announced soon. These banks would offer a digital version of Indonesian rupiah and euros.  

Moving on, Stellar (XLM) has been listed on Coinbase Pro and as per the report by XLM, the digital asset will be available in Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions. So far, just three pairs are available for the trading of XLM with USD, EUR, and BTC. Coinbase is by far the most reputable exchange in the industry. A listing there is a rite of passage for any project. For Stellar, this is a huge step towards the enhancement of the digital asset.

The features of Stellar makes it a prominent currency and that is why it has been listed on one of the world’s biggest trading platforms. The ability of XLM and the power of Stellar which attracts the banking system makes it be a leading asset. 

All these recent updates have led XLM to go high in the market. The market performance of Stellar has kept on improving the past couple of weeks. XLM has gained up to 12% in the last seven days and this makes it one of the highest gainers of the market. Currently, it was rising at a rate of 5% in the last 24 hours. The price has jumped from $0.099 USD to $0.11 USD. The major aspect for the bullish market has been the BTC’s upward trend, as it trades above $4K. 

At the time press, Stellar (XLM) was trading with a price of $0.1155 USD. The market cap of XLM was almost $2.2 billion and the trading volume was around $306 million. So, for the investors, XLM is one of the best cryptos for the long-term investment and the HODLers should HODL on with their coins. 


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