Digibyte, Facebook

Digibyte (DGB) is on a roll today. It’s up by over 9% at the time of writing, even as the rest of the market sinks into the red. This pump comes after AntumID announced that it is working on a Google Chrome extension that will enable internet users to log into any website using DigiID. It doesn’t matter whether the website in question has integrated Digi-ID or not. Once you download this extension, you can log in into virtually any website, including Facebook using your Digibyte wallet securely, and without the need for passwords.

This is the one move that could open up the adoption of DigiID by the masses. That’s because the traditional email and password login seems to be approaching the end of its shelf-life. Numerous hacks have shown that people’s data is no longer secure. In fact, the big news today is that data for millions of people is at risk, after Facebook announced that passwords were stored in an internal server where employees could access them in plain text.  As these vulnerabilities become more common, people will get the impression that Facebook doesn’t care about security, and will take proactive measures to protect themselves. The DigiID extension could easily become the norm soon as people learn of its ability to protect them from internet security vulnerabilities.  A company like Facebook has billions of users, and if a majority of them, choose to use the DigiID chrome extension, it will be a jackpot. It would even a bigger deal if the company itself chooses to integrate DigiID.

The potential for adoption of DigiID goes hand-in-hand with the potential value growth of Digibyte (DGB). That’s because, for one to use DigiID, they need to have a Digibyte wallet. This means that there are millions of people who are not into crypto but will have a Digibyte (DGB) wallet. Once crypto FOMO hits the mainstream media again, these people could turn to Digibyte (DGB) as their first crypto, since they already have the wallet. The result is that Digibyte (DGB) could get a surge in demand like it has never seen before. Besides, as more people continue using DigiID, they get to learn how it works, and its power to change the cybersecurity market.

Digibyte (DGB)’s value is accentuated by the fact that, it has other uses as well, which are equally revolutionary. For instance, Digiassets once unveiled will transform the issuance of digital assets. Businesses would find it easy to launch assets on the Digibyte blockchain because of its security and scalability. This too could see the value of this blockchain grow significantly over time.

With such strong fundamentals, Digibyte (DGB) easily comes across as one of the best investments in crypto. Its potential growth is backed by a growing adoption in the mass market, and the fact that it is one of the most secure blockchains in the market. The future of Digibyte looks great. It’s one of the few cryptos that could grow purely based on adoption, without unrealistic hype.


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