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Things are getting in shape and the market has given a strong response in recent days. Verge (XVG) is one of the highest beneficiaries of today’s market, with rising in its price up to 3.5%.

Recently, Verge partner NetCents has collaborated with Surge365 in a merchant agreement. Surge365 is a famous international level direct sales firm. After the integration of both these networks, Surge365 is now able to process and accept global membership subscription deals in the digital currency. This will also offer the users with cryptocurrency as a payout option for different organizational bonuses and residuals. The bonuses could be between $1K and $1 million.

The basic approach behind this partnership is to deliver a dynamic and high level pay plan that provides the brand-new people and experienced professionals to earn income through this platform which makes it unique from other networks.

The agreement signed between NetCents and Surge365, provides Surge365 with the opportunity to offer a future-forward crypto trading platform. This will help them to enhance their market in the crypto world.

Verge (XVG) on the other hand is progressing with such collaborations. As NetCents is a potential partner to XVG and Surge365 being so much interest in cryptocurrency this could possibly lead to an indirect relationship with XVG and if this happens it will be a positive for Verge.

Moreover, Verge has also been more active in its inner developments. About a week ago, XVG announced the release of its iOS wallet bet 6 version. Due to such progress and market amelioration, XVG has surged up to 5% in the last seven days. So, the market has given indicators of a bull run, which might come soon in the second quarter. The HODLers of XVG can get lucky to make some benefit from it. But, for those who have eyes on XVG as long-term crypto, they can be the real winners in the future.

Scrutinizing the market position of Verge (XVG), it looks pretty solid and among top-ranked digital assets, XVG is one of the leading ones. At the time of writing, XVG was trading with a price of $0.0075 USD with a market cap of $118 million and a trading volume of $4 million. The graph of Verge looks to give more peak as the time is passing on, which is a good sign for XVG and in this decent BTC had a major role to play in the market, as it is trading just above $4K.


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