Dash Coin, DASH

The privacy coin has shown its worth in the crypto world and its progress has been sublime, which makes it one of the top digital assets. Dash (DASH) has recently been adopted by a well-known worldwide payment platform, Winstantpay. 

As per the recent installation of Dash’s Instantsend feature across the Winstantpay network in Thailand, the users will be able to do transactions at 1% conversion fee and formal fees. The amount will be exchanged and deposited via dealers that would be linked with the bank accounts. In accordance with the tweet: 

“DASH Thailand & Winstantpay sign a deal to enable instant payments and instant fiat agreements for Dash transactions across the globe.”  

The CEO of Winstantpay stated that different financial organizations are using Dash’s instantsend system to settle international transactions to avoid any sort of risk. Dash (DASH) instantsend is one of the great aspects of its protocol that uses transaction locking and master node consensus to provide users with a fast and instant transaction. Just like VISA, Dash offers such services through its platform but in a decentralized and much secure way. 

What Dash users have to do is to download Winstantpay merchant wallet and connect their bank account with it. They would get registered on the wallet and the dealer will be able to enter a fiat price and create a QR code and allow the users to pay a fixed conversion fee in Dash. The role of Winstantpay behind all this scenario would be to convert Dash into a retailer currency, at the same rate at which it was purchased. 

The mutual collaboration between Dash and Winstantpay is there to improve the ability of payment system through blockchain technology. As the speed of transaction increases, there remains a lack of confidence in dealers, that is what both the networks are willing to provide their users. 

So, the Instantsend by Dash provides an additional advantage as it deploys Dash’s main node network. This system provides the user with a confirmatory lock-in and saves it from a double-gate attack. This adds value to the payment system of Winstantpay. 

This would be ultimately beneficial for both the firms. Especially, for Dash, this will help its growth in the long-term process. In the recent past, Dash (DASH) has really picked up momentum and at the moment, it is trading above $90 USD. Exactly, at the time of press, it was trading with a price of $92.08 USD with a market cap of $801 million and a trading volume of $290 million. 


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