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IOTA continues to position itself as the DLT that will be central to the 4th industrial revolution (the age of smart machines). The IOTA team has made incredible moves in securing the future of the IOTA tangle in this space. One of the most critical moves in this direction is ICT (IOTA Controller Agent). The whole idea behind it is to ensure that even devices that don’t have much computational power can connect to the tangle. With ICT, devices don’t have to run a full IOTA node. They can filter parts of the tangle that is most relevant to them for their communication with other devices. This is a big deal because it creates a level of efficiency that could see pretty much any device connect to the tangle. That’s the true mark of adoption of IOTA adoption, one that will drastically increase the intrinsic value of IOTA (MIOTA) through adoption. For context purposes, IOTA Foundation’s Lukas Tassanyi explained how this would be applied in a real-world setup, with an example of the auto industry. Here is what he had to say,

…Imagine a highway with many cars from a multitude of different manufacturers. If you want to let them communicate, they need a shared underlying protocol. The IOTA Tangle offers exactly this a permissionless, lightweight way with data-integrity and feeless value transfers directly implemented.  Now those cars have little reason to run a heavy full node. After all, they try to solve domain specific problems (e.g. prevent traffic issues and improve efficiency). Therefore they only care about a very tiny subset of transactions. With ICT they can hook into the entire stream of transactions and find those transactions relevant. This will be mostly those transactions issued by cars nearby with content that can be interpreted.

Considering that cars will be central players in the coming IoT revolution, the development of innovative solutions such as ICT presents an amazing opportunity for IOTA (MIOTA) in the long run. In fact, with a light client version of the tangle, IOTA could easily dominate the IoT market. This is a market that experts predict could be worth anything between $5 trillion and $10 trillion by the year 2025. With the way things are shaping up, these projections are likely to come true. For instance, telecoms all across the developed world are implementing 5G technology, the technology that will open up machine-2-machine communication. On this basis, it follows that the adoption of IOTA (MIOTA) is shaping up well for the long run.

For investors, this is a good reason to be bullish on IOTA (MIOTA). That’s because, as the tangle gains in adoption, the demand for IOTA (MIOTA) will also grow. In a scenario where IOTA dominates an over $5 trillion IoT economy, IOTA (MIOTA) could easily be valued in the double digits. IOTA (MIOTA) hit $5 on the basis of hype alone. Once true adoption comes, IOTA doing multiple times that would not be inconceivable. This is one of the best crypto investments at current crypto prices.



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