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A few days ago, Zilliqa developer Edison Lim, sent out a tweet that they are collaborating with Mindshare on advertising in Southeast Asia. The tweet read as follows.

We’ve successfully collaborated with Mindshare on a live advertising campaign in South East Asia.  #blockchain has great potential in making advertising more transparent.  Findings and results to be shared in the coming months!”

This is a big deal and could play a huge role in opening up the adoption of Zilliqa (ZIL). For starters, Mindshare is a major player in the advertising world. The company is a global media agency network with revenues upwards of $34.5 billion.  This means that with their collaboration with Zilliqa, the number of advertisers paying for adverts in ZIL could shoot up on the strength of MindShare’s market dominance. This could drive up the volumes of Zilliqa (ZIL) by a huge margin, and impact on its value going into the future. As volumes rise, so will the value of Zilliqa. Besides, the advertising business is a fast-growing market, which means that if Zilliqa gains adoption in the advertising world, then it will put Zilliqa on a growth trajectory that will ultimately reflect in its price.

On top of that, if the MindShare deal works out well, other businesses in South East Asia could move to adopt Zilliqa too. That’s because, the efficiency that it will bring to this company will create a buzz among consumers, and could trigger other companies to adopt it too. It’s always the case with all new technologies that positively impact on consumers. Corporates looking to grow their clientele adopt them too. This will ultimately take Zilliqa (ZIL) adoption way beyond South East Asia and could see its value rise significantly going into the future. In essence, MindShare could be one of the starting points to an exponential growth in the value of Zilliqa (ZIL).

Other than MindShare, and its effect on the value of Zilliqa (ZIL), it will be supported by the growth of the crypto market as a whole. There is no denying that blockchain technology is on a growth trajectory. The U.S market which is a major blockchain market, and one that has been lagging behind in terms of regulatory clarity seems to be making moves in the right direction. For instance, the SEC has provided an important update on the status of tokens in the market. This will bring much-needed clarity that will drive up the adoption of cryptocurrencies and drive up the value of the entire market. In a scenario where the whole market is growing, high-value cryptos will grow at a faster rate. Zilliqa is one of those cryptos, based on its fundamentals.

Zilliqa is one of the best smart contracts cryptos in the market. It uses a technique known as Sharding, which makes it highly scalable. Considering that scalability is one of the issues hindering blockchain adoption, Zilliqa has a head start in the market.


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