Digibyte (DGB) – Digibyte addition to Block3 is a big deal to its long-term adoption

Digibyte (DGB) investors have a big reason to smile. Block30 Financial and Coinbook have announced that they will be launching an exchange-traded fund named Block3 that will consist of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Digibyte (DGB). The goal of these funds is to make it easier for retail investors to access crypto assets more easily. To quote their statement by Coinbook’s CEO while making the announcement,

We wanted to create an FDIC insured, US exchange that made digital assets more approachable, easy and safe for people to purchase… So our investors can get some very basic portfolio exposure to the potential upside of new global markets, without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.

Through these products, they are opening up the crypto market to mom and pop investors that don’t have much information about crypto. Investors will have easy access to high-value crypto assets without having to through the hectic process of trying to understand a market of 2000+ coins and tokens.

These exchange-traded funds by Block30 have a huge bearing on the future value of Digibyte, for several reasons. For starters, both Block3 and Block5 will be available to U.S clients, which is one of the most important markets to the growth of the crypto market. Evidence to its importance is the fact that, the market has for the past year been waiting for a decision from the SEC with regards to the status of crypto. In fact, this week’s crypto pump coincided with an announcement by the SEC about crypto tokens. In essence, these products could lead to a huge upsurge in the value of DGB and the other crypto assets included in them. Increased uptake by average retailer investors in the U.S.A could see the value of Digibyte grow significantly going into the future.

On top of that, block3 will raise the profile of Digibyte (DGB) in the market. The fact that Block30 settled on Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin and Digibyte (DGB) is a good indicator that Digibyte has the right fundamentals, and experts appreciate it. This could see investors all across the world start to FOMO into Digibyte (DGB) pushing it up market cap rankings. Its improved profile will also make more investors aware of Digibyte and the strength of its core features. Some of Digibyte’s features that make would interest new investors include Digiassets and DigiID.

DigiID stands out due to its fast-growing adoption in the real world. For instance, AntumID, one of the early adopters of DigiID recently announced the launch of a chrome extension for DigiID. Once one adds this extension, they will be in a position to log into any website without the need for email and passwords. This is a big deal considering that website security is becoming a major source of concern for most websites. As more people get to learn of these aspects to Digibyte (DGB), its value in the market will skyrocket. The market may be trading sideways, but the long-term trajectory of Digibyte (DGB) is upwards. It’s future looks good.

Nick Mwenda :