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As the market gets to recover back and certainly show its potential, Verge (XVG) has really done a fine job. The privacy coin has traded in a superzone in the last whole week and has taken benefit from the recent bull market.  

The key for Verge has always been its privacy factor and it directly affects XVG in its market growth. It stands tall amongst the other assets and most of XVG users adopt it for privacy factor. Verge is working on Thor and soon they will add this feature to their blockchain which will make it much more secure. Though it still has a top-level security system with the domain which uses the IP addresses. That is one of the core reasons why exchanges go for Verge because it adds an extra aspect to their platform and attracts more users. 

Moreover, Verge recently announced its listing on the CryptoFacil, which is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Latin America and the Caribbean. Almost around 230+ digital assets are listed on this exchange and provide a secure and reliable platform. The users are allowed to do free trading on the exchange until the end of next month. 

CryoptFacil is a beneficial partner of world-renowned exchange, Bittrex. The collaboration with Bittrex allows CryptoFacil users to have access to different crypto tokens. With the help of the cutting-edge trading network technology, all the access to digital assets becomes much easier. 

The market has shown very positive signs and, in this quarter, it might pick up a bull run once again, as it has already begun with a massive surge. In the last seven days, Verge has surged up to almost 30%, which shows that the market has really given a boost to the privacy coin.  

Since the start of April, the market has really given prominent bull run indicator and we have seen it in the past few days. Currently, Verge (XVG) is trading at $0.009 USD and if the market hits another big bull run, we might see XVG go past $0.01 USD.  

At the time of writing, most of the altcoins are trading in the red. Whereas, Verge (XVG) was trading around a neutral point. The market cap of XVG was around $143 million and the trading volume was almost $2.3 million. Currently, it trades above 50th place in the market, but it will soon be back among the top 50 assets. So, HODLing XVG is a good option at the moment.


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