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In 2017, IOTA (MIOTA) was one of the biggest gainers. Everyone was excited about its potential as it shot up from a few cents to over $5. Then after the price crash of 2018, the excitement died out. However, this doesn’t mean that development on IOTA (MIOTA) died out too. In fact, the IOTA (MIOTA) foundation has been hard at work on different aspects of IOTA, especially in making the tangle effective, secure and decentralized. From an investor standpoint, IOTA (MIOTA) comes out as one of the best investments that one can make good money in the long run.

When looking to make money off an investment, the major focus is always on its prospects for growth in the long-run. For instance, early investors in companies like Google and Facebook made money off the potential growth prospects of the big data market. This paid off and anyone who put in good money in these companies early made a huge return. Crypto now offers a similar opportunity, now that the bear market eroded a huge chunk of its value. This is the time to interrogate each crypto individually and look into its long-term growth prospects. From this perspective, IOTA (MIOTA) offers an opportunity like the one that companies like Facebook presented before all the current regulations.

For starters, IOTA is targeting the machine economy, where devices are smart and interconnected. From a look at the world economy, today, everything seems to be geared towards such a future. For instance, manufacturing is getting more automated, and smart factories are becoming the norm. With giants like Fujitsu already introducing the IOTA tangle as a way for enhancing efficiency and transparency in the manufacturing process, IOTA stands to gain immensely in a world where manufacturing is increasing machine dependent. This is a growth market, and pretty much assures IOTA (MIOTA) of value growth in the long run.

Then there is the issue of energy sustainability, which is gaining traction, as a safeguard measure against global warming. IOTA is perfectly in line with the global goal of energy sustainability.  That’s because, it has aligned itself with the car industry in the development of smart, electric and driverless cars. In fact, IOTA (MIOTA) is already being used at electric car charging stations in Europe. Considering that the car industry is one of the biggest environmental polluters in the world, smart-electric cars will be the next natural evolution of this industry. This places IOTA in a unique place for growth, and assured value growth of IOTA (MIOTA), the native coin to the IOTA ecosystem.

On top of that, there is the aspect of infrastructure. For the machine economy to flourish, it will need a fast internet, where data transfer is almost instantaneous. The infrastructure for this is being laid down. Most major economies are already laying the foundation for 5G technology. This technology will make instantaneous data transfer a reality allowing for real-time communication between devices such as driverless cars.  As 5G opens up the machine economy, it will create the grounds for IOTA to flourish since it will drive up the adoption of the IOTA tangle and IOTA (MIOTA).


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