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The bright days for Cardano (ADA) are still to arrive and it will thrive in the market in the upcoming time. In recent times, the core focus of Cardano has been on its upcoming newest update of Shelley.  

Charles Hoskinson in his recent interview talked about the basic effects of Cardano on the cryptosphere. He added that this year they will bring some prominent updates and changes into the core of ADA network.  

Hoskinson on IOHK said that it is a research and engineering company which is directly in contact with different universities across the globe, including Tokyo Tech and the University of Edinburg. At the moment, they have written around more than 40 papers, more than 20 have gone through peer review. These papers cover everything from zero-knowledge proofs to multiparty computations to consensus protocol to software topics like law and policy. On the engineering side, they extract from papers protocol. So, under such network, Cardano (ADA) is a core part of IOHK on and they are keenly working to improve its capability in the crypto industry.

Talking about Cardano’s different projects, Hoskinson said that they are mainly interested in Africa and they have offices in Ethiopia, a partner named Cryptosavannah. In Uganda, they have a lot of conversation with different companies. In South Africa, they are in collaboration with Indlu. All these projects are about three to seven-year time period. Cardano create an entire cohort of developers and from then on, they go to pilots and within two years’ time, they turn those pilots into commercializing the technology through a public-private partnership. 

The CEO of Cardano explained that smart contract functionality is important to be deployed in a decentralized manner to minimize liability. This would probably be happening very soon. They are getting closer to the Goguen, so this both the releases will be out including Shelley. This will ultimately help Cardano to grow in the right manner and direction. 

This progress will have a broader effect on the market position of ADA for the long-term. At the time of writing, Cardano (ADA) was trading with a price of $0.085 USD with a market cap of $2.1 billion and a trading volume of $113 million. So, for investors it the best time to go for ADA and HODL them for long-term investment. They will get rewards because Cardano is there to stay for a long time and has a prosperous future ahead. 


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