The Trust crypto wallet, which also happens to be Binance’s official wallet is running a poll on the next crypto to add, and Cardano is leading. At the time of writing, Cardano (ADA) is at 37% ahead of its closest competitor Doge that now has 24% of the vote. It’s a good sign of how robust the Cardano community is, and how far it is willing to go to support the growth of this crypto. If Cardano finishes first in this poll that will close in the next 24-hours, the impact on its price could be huge, at least in the short-term. That’s because Trust wallet has the reputation of being the official Binance wallet. Not that this has any effect on its efficiency, but it will add to the hype, which is a major value driver in crypto.  As such, Cardano (ADA) could easily see a significant pump in price the moment it gets added to this wallet. For context, Cardano (ADA) saw a big pump after it was integrated to Ledger. It didn’t pump because there was a shortage of cold storage wallets where one could their ADA, it pumped because of Ledger’s big name in the market.

On top of that, this comes at a time when Cardano (ADA) is in the midst of some good news. For instance, Cardano has drawn lots of excitement lately due to Shelley. Since this is a gradual process, Cardano (ADA) will keep drawing in investor interest for the better part of 2019. This interest will mainly be driven by the much awaited Cardano staking. In essence, on the basis of this hype-based environment, any news related to this crypto are likely to drive up prices. This includes news of Cardano addition to a Binance affiliated, and highly secure wallet like Trust wallet.

Over and above such short-term projections, Cardano is definitely worth holding for the long haul.  For instance, once it becomes fully decentralized, Cardano will be one of the best platform blockchains in the market. Cardano has got it right on all the aspects that make a platform blockchain great. For instance, thanks to its Ouroboros POS algorithm, Cardano solves the problems of energy efficiency and scalability. This makes it primed for adoption in the development of Dapps that are aimed at the mass market.  Given that scalability is the biggest hindrance to blockchain adoption, it follows that for a blockchain as scalable and secure as Cardano (ADA) future value growth is almost guaranteed.

Besides its technical capabilities, the IOHK has managed to build relationships that will help Cardano grow in the long haul. For instance, they have built relationships with governments in Asian countries such as Mongolia. They have also built relationships with several African countries. These are vital relationships that will play a role in the adoption of Cardano, and help drive up the value of ADA. It’s pretty covered both in the short-term and the long-run, and could be one of the best investments that one can make in this market.



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