Nano (NANO), Nano Coin

Nano has been one the biggest gainers this week driven by Binance, Vano wallet, and Nano speed. Live. All three of these are likely to have a lasting impact on Nano (Nano).  In fact, if the market continues on its current positive trajectory, Nano could retest its all-time highs in the foreseeable future. Here’s why.

This week, Binance, the world’s largest exchange added a Nano/USDT trading pair. This is a big deal because it opens up liquidity flows into Nano (Nano), which will add to its overall trading volumes. That’s because, USDT is the largest stable coin in the market, which means that Nano will see a significant increase in overall trading volumes. In a bull market, an increased level of liquidity could see the amount of Nano traded rise exponentially, and significantly drive up its value. As such, the pump that came up with this addition is likely to sustain, especially as bullish momentum starts to get back to the market.

The other big event this week has been the launch of Vano, a light client wallet browser extension. Through, this wallet, it will be possible to send and receive Nano through your browser.  This is a big deal because, it makes it easier to transact in Nano.  This wallet is still in beta, but once it goes live, it will have a huge impact on the value of Nano (Nano), due to an increase in merchant transactions. Its ease of use will play a role in driving this adoption.

However, the biggest highlight of the week has been the launch of Nano speed. Nano speed is such a big deal that once the idea was floated, the Nano community funded it full through donations. In fact, according to the Nano center, Nano speed’s servers are fully paid for, for the next 18 months. Nano speed is a big deal because it could emerge as the true competitor to major payment platforms such as PayPal. At the moment, Nano speed is still in beta, but once it goes live, it stands to dominate the global payments landscape. It is fast, low cost, and secure. For instance, in test transactions, sending Nano from Bangalore to New York takes 0.681 seconds, and it’s free. This is a big deal and could see Nano take over global trade. This potential places Nano (Nano) in a unique position for growth, as it takes over the payments market.

On this basis, Nano (Nano) comes across as a crypto whose prospects for growth going forward are huge. Outside of these fundamentals, Nano (Nano) is supported by its low supply. Nano (Nano) only has a supply of 133 million coins. This places it in a good position for growth as adoption grows. That’s because, as the demand for Nano in payments grows against its supply, its value in the market will grow as well. As such, Nano (Nano) makes for a high potential investment this year. It could be one of the best performing altcoins this year, especially if Bitcoin (BTC) makes a significant upside push this year.


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