Verge, XVG

The market gradually starts to get into shape and Verge (XVG) has a good chance to bounce back. But, over the last one-year Verge has focused on its core rather than improving its market value.  

The privacy coin after its recent development update stated that in their previous version of the beta, they had some issues in the stealth address and the funds were not receivable. The reason for this error was that the key which was disseminated to the blockchain was incorrect due to which issues came. The receiver will now be able to identify the keys that are the ephemeral public key. 

So, this Stealth address bug has been fixed and Verge believes that they will further improve their privacy technology which is the heart of its blockchain technology.  

Moreover, Verge has announced that they have officially adopted the support for Onion Services V3. After some serious debate within the XVG network and on the social network publicly, Verge decided to upgrade their current version of Tor from to This new version of Tor comes up with some of the latest features.  

Some of the new features on this new onion services include fresh security patches and a much longer and secure address for more privacy. It also supports the hidden services (V3) for the new nodes as well. 

Verge (XVG) in recent times have been working on its Android and iOS wallets. On the update of Android wallet, Verge stated that at the moment there is not much new addition to it, and the iOS wallet latest beta version 6 (0.18) is in terms of wallet functionality nothing different from what’s going end up in the App Store. The upcoming update might contain some new aspects.

The last year was not a good one for Verge, this year it is time to recover its market position and in upcoming years Verge would make a strong comeback, as it is still one of the biggest cryptos in the world and the privacy factor will always play a key role to its success.  

Having a look at its position in the market, after the recent bull run Verge (XVG) has been able to secure place under top 50 coins. Currently, it trades at the 49th spot, it may fluctuate in the meanwhile but in future, it looks to be a big fish again. At the time of writing, XVG was trading with a price of $0.0085 USD with a market cap of $135 million and a market cap of $2 million. 


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