Litecoin, LTC

One of the world’s leading Cryptocurrencies in the market, Litecoin (LTC) has shown a promising return in the last couple of week, as there is a massive rise in its price and volume. The market over the past whole month has mostly remained in green and the bullish trend has hit the market couple of times, but still, it has not been able to sustain that positive momentum regularly. Still, it is a good sign entering the second phase of 2019. 

Litecoin has evolved a lot over the period of time and has cemented its place in the top five assets. In the upcoming years, as the crypto market stabilizes, LTC would go further up, if it continues to capture the market.  

Recently, Coinbase launched a Visa Debit Card for the UK and European users, where they would be able to spend their assets directly from their Coinbase accounts. So, Litecoin being a part of the exchange would be available for trading through the Visa Debit Card.  

The reason for this massive push for Litecoin (LTC) has been its massive merchant adoption. Back in February, when the mobile app Spend announced that they will be offering LTC functionality, this had probably made the crypto to be adopted by more than 40 million merchants across the globe. 

Moreover, Litecoin becomes more reliable when it provides users with secure and fast transactions and this has led to more adoption. In the meanwhile, LTC has upgraded its core to v0.17.1 which includes various bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated translations. 

If Litecoin keeps on improving its market value the same way it has done so far in 2019, we could see it among the top 5 cryptos for a longer period of time. In the next few years, it could turn out to be a delightful HODL for the investors, who are currently HODLing the privacy coins.  

On April 3rd, Litecoin (LTC) hit the highest mark of $97.25 USD and in last two to three weeks, it has really pushed high. A huge increase in its volume has been seen due to the massive adoption of LTC. At the time of writing, it’s trading volume was almost around $2.6 billion, which is the real booster for Litecoin. The trading price was almost $82 USD and in the last 24 hours it had surged up to almost 4%. 


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