After the recent bull run by Dogecoin (DOGE), it has once again shown that it is potentially the crypto that will take the market by storm. Elon Musk has keenly shown interest in Dogecoin and in a recent tweet, Dogecoin tweeted: 

“Looks like you’re the CEO now Elon Musk, DM us where to email the access codes.” 

This shows that Dogecoin is very much serious regarding what Elon Musk had stated regarding it and they want him to be part of its ecosystem.  

Dogecoin has released its new core version 1.14. In this update, there have been some basic enhancements as compared to the beta 1 version. Mainly this update has focused on fixing the verification progress display and fee calculation for the transactions. The users who upgrade it to the latest version should make a backup of their wallet file. Dogecoin has upgraded its wallet in its recent testing, so it will be easy for the users to move on to the latest version. 

This new core version has a soft fork which enables BIP-65. Previously, the fork has been locked around at 750 out of 1000 blocks. The client will reject the blocks with the base version of 3 if at 950 of the last 1000 blocks are at the base version 4. So, the pool operates, which means that the users should finally update it to the newest version of 1.14.

While Dogecoin has come up with an update, it has also been listed on CoinAll exchange. The way DOGE has gained popularity and had got listed on popular exchanges shows that it has demand in the market and this increasing demand has led it to top exchanges.  

Such listing will help Dogecoin in long-term progress, recently, it also got listed on Huobi exchange. These listings have a huge role to play in digital assets growth and adoption enhancement. Slowly and gradually, it attracts the users through these exchanges and ultimately leads it to mass adoption.  

There are different aspects which support Dogecoin to be a good investment and its real-world usage stands to be the standout amongst the other aspects. Investors should be very much sure to invest in DOGE because the track record and upcoming predictions are in favor of the meme coin.  

Examining the market stats of Dogecoin (DOGE), it was trading with a price of $0.0028 USD with a market cap of $343 million and a trading volume of $37 million. Currently, it was trading at the 26th spot, but with the passage of time, DOGE will retain its previous market position. 


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