Charles Hoskinson has worked so hard to take Cardano (ADA) to such a high level and in the recent IOHK Summit, Hoskinson gave a plan regarding Cardano and IOHK, what they are doing and what they will be doing in future. He was able to satisfy the audience with his vision and they appreciated his point of view and his dedication towards ADA. 

One of the participants in the IOHK Summit, Jim Kyung the co-founder of SoKat.co had some really positive views regarding IOHK and CardanoCardano has implemented new ideas and due to its diligent peer-review quality, it will is becoming a more robust and higher standard platform in the crypto market.  

Jim Kyung said that Hoskinson reminded him of the young enthusiastic Steve Jobs, who laid out his visionary view. Hoskinson has been very much genuine about what has Cardano (ADA) has been up to so far and about its future plans. Due to such a warm nature, Hoskinson has attracted developers, scientists, users, and the entire ecosystem together at one platform and this will be a key for ADA for its success. 

The other side of the CEO of Cardano, which has won the hearts of millions has been its kind nature towards backward countries. Due to such a nature, it has attracted similar folks such as Lars Brunjes and Bruno Kucinskas, a.k.a “The Anti-Scammer”. Countries like Ethiopia are now interested in running blockchain systems and in the coming time, we would probably see Lars students building up ADA-powered Unicorns.  

As Cardano is tilted towards Proof of Stake (PoS) instead of Proof of Work (PoW) and this makes them much more secure asset. They will keep galvanizing the entire crypto community to think about how to leverage innovation and technology. Looking at the functional programming of ADA, we can see that there will be much less probability of coding errors while increasing the readability of the code. 

The Symphony of Blockchains is an interactive, visual and auditory exploration that helps bring about a greater and unique understanding of blockchain technology. It is incredibly important to stay safe when using blockchain technology, from basic computer security to safe cryptocurrency storage. Cardano (ADA) is shaping up to be the next face of the crypto industry with a very broad ecosystem. It will be one of the most valuable assets in the near future.


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