Yesterday, a member of made a report on the progress of FPGA. At the moment they have worked on the FPGA module, which will be used for the FPGA-core. Just for context, the FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array, and means that digital logic can be described in hardware. According to the team, the FPGA module combined with the FPGA core can do the following:

These are some of the things it can do among many others. As an investor, you are probably wondering, how does all this impact on IOTA (MIOTA)? Well, IOTA’s goal is to be at the center of the machine economy. However, for it to do this, it needs hardware that can handle the enormous computing power that machine-2-machine communication will demand. On top of that, most of the existing hardware have to deal with security issues that arise in autonomous communication. FPGA modules solve this problem by allowing for higher computing power, in a secure environment. This could open the way for IOTA adoption in the long run. In essence, it is part of the infrastructure meant to drive up IOTA (MIOTA) adoption in the long run.

Another infrastructure that will play a huge role in IOTA (MIOTA) adoption is 5G technology. 5G is necessary for the instantaneous transfer of data, which is an essential aspect to the adoption of IoT at scale. This technology is gaining adoption at a high rate, with companies like Huawei leading the way. Major telecom companies in most developed countries are picking it up too. As this technology goes mainstream all over the world, it will open up the doors for the widespread adoption of IOTA (MIOTA). In essence, IOTA (MIOTA)’s adoption is shaping up well, at least from the infrastructure side of things.

The other area that investors need to keep an eye on is regulations. The regulatory environment is getting more favorable, especially in the EU. In fact, the EU is currently passing laws that greatly favoring DLTs. Since IOTA is a major European DLT, it is one of those that stand to gain the most as DLTs become part of European society.  Other parts of the world especially in Asia are picking it up too.

Essentially, IOTA (MIOTA) has lots of fundamentals supporting its growth going into the future. It’s one of the cryptos with a high potential for gains in the future. It has come so far that its possibility of failure is almost zero at this point.




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