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As the market has recovered a lot during the time period of Q1, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has really made an impact and has enhanced its blockchain to top-level. The ETC Labs had played a great role in developing Classic into such a strong asset in the meanwhile.  

Ethereum Classic launched its ETC Labs back in January with the aim that ETC Labs will have an important effect on the growth of the ETC network. Since the launch of the ETC Labs so far, they have achieved the following milestones with ETC-ETH compatibility, key specifications for enhancing the DApp development environment, vital data analytic tooling, and there has been a large number of developers added to the ETC ecosystem, around 75% of increase in total development team has been seen. This shows that ETC is becoming a bigger network and in coming years, it will be much bigger blockchain network. 

The client team has remained focused on its tasks and they have proposed the ECIP-1054 upgrade, and the code Atlantis has been a success which was significantly appreciated by the entire community.  

The main aspects of the ECIP-1054 update were that it proposed the key features of ETC blockchain which included test-net and main-net and their target was blocked heights. Still, there are discussions going on within the client team for much more improvement in ECIP-1054. The inspiration of the ECIP-1054 upgrade fork is to maximize the ETC-ETH compatibility and other performance improvements.   

Another core focus of the Client team was enabling high-quality network-driving software, P2P applications, and giving powers to the developers to build decentralized applications. In the Q1 of 2019, ETC has responded well to its 51% mining attack and have adjusted the effect of the mining attack.  

Moreover, over the period of Q1, Ethereum Classic has implemented various dynamic path API that contains the configuration of Geth clients as per the feature. The Multi-Geth EVM layer has also been implemented.   

Atlantis and Agharta will put Ethereum Classic on par with Ethereum’s latest protocol upgrades. This makes the migration of dapps and services between the two much easier, increasing interoperability.  

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been a success in the  Q1 of 2019 and as the market is developing and getting better, the probability of improving its value also increases. So, for investors who are looking towards Ethereum Classic (ETC) as a long-term investment could be one of the best options. 


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