For decentralized technologies to go truly mainstream, the number of people who understand the technical aspects of this technology needs to increase. That’s why the IOTA Foundation is taking the strategic move of launching an academy. Through this academy, more people will understand IOTA and start building innovative stuff using the IOTA tangle. This is a major step towards a deeper integration of IOTA in a society, where machine-2-machine communication, and AI are becoming a reality. According to the IOTA Foundation director of partnerships, this academy will play a role in shaping the IoT ecosystem. He stated that,

We are excited to offer a structured online and onsite training framework with curated content and individual participant support, carried out by one of the most experienced partners in the corporate training field. We believe an investment into IOTA Education, as well as acquiring deep knowledge in short time, will be of great benefit for corporates, engineers and developers to actively shape the upcoming IoT, Machine-to-Machine ecosystems.

From an investor perspective, this makes IOTA (MIOTA) an investment worth keeping an eye on for the long haul. That’s because, it is taking measures that strategically align it with the needs of a changing economy. There is no doubt that the future of technology is IoT. This is a technology that could transform entire industries such as manufacturing. It is also poised to transform how we commute from one location to another, and even how entire cities are managed, in order to successfully handle 21st century needs.  By creating the necessary knowledge in the population, IOTA is positioning itself to win in this market, and that’s a source of value in the long run.

It is noteworthy that this academy is just one of the many things that give IOTA (MIOTA) a huge potential for value growth in the future. Others include the high growth rate of 5G technology.  5G will be the technology that will unlock the true value of IoT across industries. That’s because, it will allow for fast/instantaneous flow of data, which is essential for IoT. As this technology goes mainstream, so will the value of DLTs like IOTA, which are taking the lead in the IoT space.

Clearly, the prospects of IOTA are good. In fact, with all the things that the IOTA Foundation is working on, IOTA (MIOTA) is easily one of the most undervalued altcoins in the market. It may not be performing so well at the moment, but that’s because the whole market at this point is driven by Bitcoin (BTC), which is the dominant crypto.

However, in the long run, as fundamentals take center stage in this market, cryptos like IOTA (MIOTA) that have good fundamentals stand to grow significantly. IOTA (MIOTA) already has a good start because it seems to be in line with the regulatory environments of different countries, especially in the EU. This will give industry players the impetus to adopt IOTA going into the future, adding to its intrinsic value.  It’s a solid bet for long-term investors.


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