A few months ago, a Google search for the name Nano didn’t return anything to do with Nano (NANO). All first page results would return things to do with Nano technology and its application in different spheres of life. However, things are different now. At this point, a Google search for the name Nano even without adding Nano (NANO) in brackets returns results that are related to Nano the cryptocurrency. In fact, the 3rd result and below on the 1st page are all related to Nano (Nano). This is an indicator that more people are searching for Nano the cryptocurrency, and the Google search algorithm is taking note of it.

But does this even matter? Well, it matters a lot. That’s because, for Nano to gain adoption, it should be easy for the average person to learn about it. This can only happen if Nano ranks well on search engines. Just like when one types the word Bitcoin or even BTC, they get as much information as possible about Bitcoin.  Nano’s rankings on Google also matter because it is still a small cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. As such, it needs as much publicity as possible, as compared to Bitcoin, or any of the other bigger cryptos. Therefore, the fact that it’s rising up google rankings is a huge reason to believe that Nano (Nano) is catching the attention of investors. It’s attractiveness to investors is not without good reason.

Nano is one of the most efficient cryptos for payments. Unlike Bitcoin that has scaling and fees issues, Nano transactions are free and are super fast. Nano (Nano) is good because it runs on DAG technology. This is a technology that makes Nano free to transact with, and able to handle thousands of transactions a second. In fact, on a purely fundamentals perspective, Nano (Nano) is one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies in the world.

This gives it has a real chance outcompeting centralized systems in the payments market. There would no point in someone paying to send money, when they can send it instantly, for free, and without the risk of censorship. The moment people realize the efficiency of Nano based payments, its value in the market will shoot up exponentially.

From an investor viewpoint, this potential makes Nano (Nano) easily one of the cryptos with the most potential. That’s because, in the long run, it is fundamentals that will drive the value of cryptos, and Nano (Nano) has them. Besides, Nano (Nano) is a low supply cryptocurrency. There is slightly over 133 million tokens in circulation. This means that in a bull market, it has the potential to rise fast, due to the forces of demand and supply. In essence, Nano (Nano) may be struggling now, like everything else, but its long term growth potential is huge.



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