Digibyte (DGB)

Digitbyte (DGB) a public and one of the top emerging decentralized blockchain platforms in the market has shown its ability to compete with the rest of assets. As the market is shown promising signs this year, Digibyte is also trying to rise back, but things can get a lot better for DGB if findings over the Tether comes true that Bitfinex used Tether to cover up almost $850 million hole. 

In recent times, it appeared that the U.S authorities have started investigating one of the top crypto exchanges, Bitfinex. The exchange is being accused of using Tether against the market rules to fill $850 gap.  

This is not a small allegation and if it is proved right then there might be serious issues for Tether and Bitfinex. This has once again raised a question on Tether’s fiat backing. According to a report, it claimed that the price movements of Bitcoin might be driven by Tether due to major investors and exchanges getting in and out. 

In such a situation, the investors might be unsure about which asset to go for, which asset to trust. In such circumstances, low ranked crypto can turn out to be a big winner on the day. That crypto is Digibyte (DGB), what is the reason that people should go for DGB, it’s simply those who still want to be a part of cryptocurrency would be looking for such an asset that is purely based on decentralization, a concept that was brought up by the father of cryptocurrency.  

One of the very few assets that are most likely to be a proper decentralized network, as it has almost around 200,000 nodes around the globe. What makes it be on the much safer side is that it isn’t on those exchanges where there could be a possible chance of market manipulation. Digibyte’s majority of the volume comes from exchanges like Bittrex, which is a well-known American exchange. This is a key aspect and adds much more to the credibility of DGB in such situation. 

Moreover, Digibyte has all those key features that top-level crypto should have. It is highly secure and scalable, industry-leading transaction speed and has a tested and experienced technology over more than a four-year time period. 

In today’s market, Digibyte (DGB) has shown promising progress and has surged up to 7% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, it was trading with a price of $0.0107 USD with a market cap of $126 million and a trading volume of $2 million. Good days seem to arrive for DGB and it would be a probable option for investors. In coming days, we can see its price mount even more and with BTC making progress, it will affect the market trend. 


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