Zilliqa, ZIL

Zilliqa has come a long way, rising from a small Singaporean project to an internationally recognized blockchain platform. It’s now a major blockchain, one that has partnerships with major companies from all across the world. One of these partnerships is with global advertising giant Mindshare. The climax of this partnership was a campaign ad by Pepsi, one of the world’s largest soft drinks makers. In fact, this seems to be the highlight of Zilliqa’s achievements and rightly so. Not many blockchain platforms have managed to achieve this level of recognition and adoption. However, this is just a small segment of it.  The team has also touched on a number of other successes that are equally worthwhile.

For starters, the team touches on Zilliqa’s massive throughput and its low transaction fees. For instance, for the cost that it takes to make one Bitcoin (BTC) transaction, one can make 40,000 ZIL transactions. That’s a huge difference in costs, one that could play a huge role in driving up Zilliqa adoption in the future. That’s because, with its low fees and high scalability, Zilliqa (ZIL) comes across as one of the best blockchains for launching global reaching applications. In the long-term, Zilliqa has the potential to be the blockchain on which, future decentralized social media applications, and finance applications among others are built on.

Another of Zilliqa’s major developments is the HG exchange.  The Zilliqa team has already started work on it, and it is one of those use cases that will in the long run, add a huge amount of value to the Zilliqa blockchain. To quote the write up by the Zilliqa leadership team,

“…we started working on Hg Exchange which will be the first member-driven exchange in Southeast Asia to support the issuance and trading of private company shares, including security tokens. Powered by MaiCoin and Zilliqa, Hg Exchange not only allows companies to raise funds but presents accredited investors with unparalleled access to investment in high-growth companies such as Grab, SpaceX and Go-Jek. Hg Exchange solves the perennial problem many shareholders of private companies face by presenting a single destination to help monetize their stake.

The security tokens space is a high growth market, and is slowly shaping up as the future of finance. In essence, once this exchange gains traction in the market, it will open up Zilliqa in the security tokens space, giving it the fuel to grow in value.

With all these positive developments, it is not hard to see why Zilliqa is one of the cryptos to watch now that bullish sentiment is returning to the market. Though the momentum right now is centered on Bitcoin (BTC), it won’t be long before altcoins follow. The altcoin rally could see Zilliqa give much bigger returns than it did in 2017. That’s because, this time around, it is not just backed by hype, and a promise to deliver, but it has actually delivered, and is now gaining in adoption. The future is bright for Zilliqa (ZIL) as an investment.


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