IOTA seems to have established a strong presence as the DLT that will transform the auto industry. Companies like Volkswagen, and Jaguar are already looking into this tech. However, this is just a small segment of the markets that IOTA could transform. Others include the food and the pharmaceutical industries. The greatest indicator for its potential in this direction is the move by Swiss Post, to introduce thermomonitoring for its customer.

This technology which is provided by Modum, Swiss Post’s tech partner, will equip Swiss Post packages with sensors. This will allow for temperature measurements for sensitive products like food and pharmaceuticals. Through this technology, clients can monitor any temperature variations in the package all through its journey without even opening it. To quote the Modum blog,

By launching “Thermomonitoring” in collaboration with Modum, Swiss Post has further developed its successful solution ThermoCare. By means of the ThermoCare boxes, shipments stay within a prescribed temperature range. In addition, the temperature inside the package is now being measured and recorded, which allows for the verification of GDP-conformity. Moreover, the temperature monitoring can be used with standard packaging, which results in the service being appealing for a great number of shipments.

This is a great technological advancement, but you are probably wondering, how does this connect to IOTA? Well, Modum, Swiss Post’s technology partner is big on IOTA. In fact, IOTA is the backbone of the Modum system. A year ago, Modum did an AMA on reddit, in which, they took questions from the community. One of the questions was about the relationship between IOTA and Modum. Modum’s answer went as follows:

We chose IOTA as distributed ledger, due to the ability to transfer value without tremendous transaction fees. We don’t have a forecast yet on how the interaction with the Ethereum Blockchain implementation will look like. In a first step we are going to implement MAM to ensure data integrity.

Clearly, this is a huge case for IOTA (MIOTA), one that could add a huge intrinsic value to IOTA (MIOTA). That’s because, it’s not just Swiss Post that ships temperature sensitive products. Billions of dollars of food and pharmaceutical products move across the world all the time. As such, if IOTA dominates this market, it could add a significant amount of traffic on the IOTA tangle.

When combined with all the other emerging IOTA use cases, such as in the development of smart cities, the value of this crypto could be up for major gains in the long run. The only thing that could be holding back IOTA (MIOTA) is the low momentum in the entire market, However, this could be about to change. Bitcoin (BTC) could be entering a disbelief phase, where investors expect it to correct, but it continues trending upwards. The result will be a kick-in of FOMO that could trigger an altcoin rally. This could easily see the value of this IOTA (MIOTA) rise back to its all-time highs within a very short time.


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