The market has picked up a strong bullish momentum and NEM (XEM) has skyrocketed as it looks to be one of the leading assets among the rest of the top altcoins.  

NEM is a highly efficient crypto platform, which has really improved over the last couple of years. It is one of those assets that is based on the BaaS platform. In the community building, NEM has the first-mover advantage, as it is developing with a good progress phase by phase. 

What makes NEM so special is that it is highly economical and has reduced development difficulties, which makes it much more suitable for the enterprises to integrate into NEM blockchain. Moreover, it has technological stability and a shorter testing phase, which lets it move forward into the market with greater ability and speed. 

NEM (XEM) aims to provide with high-quality enterprise-level blockchain solutions and that has been its specialty. The capability of XEM blockchain properties and functionality targets are all internally set, and at the top of that, it gives an opportunity to enterprises with customized services with a low level of infrastructure development cost and this is a key for attracting bigger firms. 

The core partners that are working alongside the NEM blockchain have top-level technical strengths which is very much important for the growth of NEM ecosystem. It has the ability to cover a large variety of area, as the current infrastructure of the blockchain is highly suited to provide services as a support system for its applications. This is helping the digital asset to increase its nodes across the globe and become a bigger platform. 

Other few aspects that make NEM one of the leading enterprise-level blockchain assets is that it provides enterprise blockchain with low-costs, multi-signature confirmation, identity confirmation, convenient asset creation methods, and such other top services that help businesses to build enterprise-level applications. 

As the market looks to be in fine shape, NEM (XEM) has performed in good numbers. The key has been the price of Bitcoin jumping past $7,000 USD price mark. After a long time, BTC has crossed this mark and with this rest of the altcoins have also picked up a good pace to rise. At the writing, NEM (XEM) was surging at a rate of 14% and in the last 24 hours, it has touched the touched up to 20% rise in its USD price. The trading price of XEM was almost $0.0579 USD, after hitting the highest of the day at $0.062 USD. 


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