Digibyte, Digibyte DGB

There is every indication that bulls are taking over the market.  Bitcoin (BTC) has crossed the $8k mark, and most altcoins are now gaining momentum as well. However, Digibyte (DGB) hasn’t caught up the bullish bug yet. In the last 12-hours, Digibyte (DGB) has only gained by 1.81%. That’s negligible when compared to Bitcoin (BTC) which is up by over 12%, and some altcoins like XRP (XRP) that are up by over 20%. So does this mean that Digibyte (DGB) is not a good investment? Absolutely not. While some altcoins have already gained some bullish momentum, the overall picture is that the altcoin rally is not yet started. It’s still Bitcoin that is still running the show. It has pushed from $3500 to $8000 without much movement in the altcoins market.  In essence, this is nothing unique to Digibyte (DGB)’s underperformance.

However, this doesn’t mean that the altcoin rally is not coming. As long as Bitcoin keeps rising, bullish sentiment will start flowing into altcoins too. Those that are already gaining momentum could be signaling to such a scenario. Once it starts, Digibyte (DGB) will start to rise too. In fact, at current prices, Digibyte (DGB) presents an opportunity for investors to accumulate in anticipation of a possible rally past all-time highs.

That’s because, Digibyte (DGB) won’t just be driven by altcoin FOMO, but also by its fundamentals. This is not just some random altcoin. It is one that that has some of the strongest fundamentals in the market. For instance, it is one of the most decentralized, with over 200k nodes all across the world. It is also supported by 5-mining algorithms, and now with Odocrypt, it is impossible for ASIC manufacturers to build specialized ASICs for DGB. Essentially this means that at no point will Digibyte ever lean towards centralization, and that’s security. It makes Digibyte (DGB) one of the safest cryptos from a 51% attack. Since a 51% attack is one of the biggest threats that POW cryptos face, it’s not hard to see a scenario where investors value DGB at a premium for its security.

On top of that, Digibyte (DGB) core features have the potential to change the world. For instance, DigiID is slowly emerging as a possible solution to the security problem that websites face today. It is no longer news to hear of a breach into the systems of major websites through phishing, and other tactics aimed at user passwords and emails. Over time, people will start demanding for something different, and DigiID could be that “something different.” DigiID gets rid of the traditional email login and allows users to access websites using their Digibyte (DGB) wallet. Essentially, one logs into a website using the ultra-secure Digibyte blockchain. This is huge, and could play a role in pushing up the value of Digibyte (DGB), now that bulls are taking over the market.

With all these factors at play, this could be a good time to accumulate on Digibyte (DGB). That’s because, once altcoins begin to rally, Digibyte (DGB) with its fundamentals could be back to its all-time highs within a few weeks or months.


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