The long-awaited bull run seems to take over the market with some consistency. Over the past week, the market has really started to gain as the market cap of the entire market is about to touch $250 billion. Bitcoin has really taken a swift ride, and at the moment, it has just crossed $8K price mark. Over the last year, it’s for the third or fourth time that BTC has been able to reach this mark. This shows us that the market has really pushed up and it is one of the potential bull markets that the digital assets are looking for. 

Verge (XVG) has once again a good opportunity to take benefit from the current market. It might not be able to perform up to the expectations of the investors but still, it can show sight of its prosperous future in the market.  

The privacy coin has done a lot of development in its blockchain and it is still working to improve furthermore. In the recent development update, XVG announced its new codebase release. As per the digital asset, all the users which are part of Verge including miners, developers and exchanges can go on to the new release via scanning the code and if they had missed anything it will automatically be updated. 

Verge is sure that the client is compatible with the old version of the codebase, but still, things are missing out, for instance, validation check and such other small snippet code.  

Moreover, one important thing that has been Verge’s biggest achievement over the past some period is the release of iOS wallet. This has set new standards for the privacy coin, as the Apple users will be able to store their XVG’s in the iOS wallet. It has shown a reasonable increase in the volume of Verge and with time it will increase more. 

In the next update, Verge iOS wallet will have a new localization feature that will allow the users to first contribute to the language richness and then the translation for the real application. Along with the iOS wallet, there has been a lot of work done on Android wallet and it is still in the development phase. It will be another good thing for Verge in the coming time, which will lead it to more adoption. 

Despite all these basic developments that are part of the roadmap of XVG, they still not be that powerful to lift Verge high as per the expectations of the investors. These developments are key to Verge’s long-term progress but for the meanwhile in the current bull market, there should be a strong catalyst that pushes the privacy coin to limits. Still, this is crypto market, anything can happen as the stats show the unpredictability of the market. 

At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was trading with a price of $0.00736 USD with a market cap of $117 million and a trading volume of $5.23 million. The market is still in the phase of bull run, but in the coming few days we could see it go down once again. So, the possibility of Verge surprising its users is very low. But in the long-term, it will definitely outshine many assets. 


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