The privacy coin has certainly come to life, as the market cherishes the bull run of such longer time spam after a long time. Verge (XVG) was always on the radar of going up and finally, it has also joined the market while surging up to 30% in the last 24 hours. 

One definite reason for Verge going high is due to the bull run of the market, but the other main aspect that is pushing it to go further up is the release of iOS wallet. There have been some really positive developments around Verge network that have attracted new investors 

On the 25th of May, Verge (XVG) is holding a meet-up in Rotterdam, Holland. This meetup is basically to explore more about the recent updates and developments made by Verge. To make sure that the users are satisfied with what XVG has done so far, cryptoanalysts and users will join the meetup from around the world. We can already see the positive impact of these developments on the growth of XVG coin.  

Moreover, it’s not just these developments that are key to Verge’s success. Those collaborations that Verge has made in the recent past are playing a major role in helping XVG’s adoption to increase. Its partnership with Netcents has already been a center of focus for users. This partnership has grown bigger every single day. As per some reports, in the near future, the XVG domiciled debit cards will be issued to the holders for this partnership. 

There a lot that Verge still has to offer to the crypto market with its blockchain technology. The future only looks bright for the privacy coin and it will go further up in the market. The investors who are looking for a long-term investment, then Verge is the right crypto that would be worthy of an investment. 

After the current performance of Verge, it looks like that it has taken enough benefit from the recent bull market. With more updates to come in future, Verge is all set to escalate and move up the rankings. As the crypto market sees more investors coming into the market, most of them would look to invest for long-term and look for cryptos like Verge, that has a possible bright future ahead. 

At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was rising at a rate of 30% having a trading price of $0.01 USD and as compared to BTC it was surging at a rate of 26%. These stats show that Verge is in full swing to conquer today’s market. While reaching the highest price mark in the last whole month, XVG seems to dominate most of the altcoins. Currently, it stands at 52nd spot in the market ranking, it definitely will go up in the coming time.  


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