IOTA, Qubic

One of the biggest fears in crypto is that volatility could be a big hindrance to mass adoption. That’s because, it is hard to convince big businesses to use a mode of transaction that can lose over 10% in under 24-hours.  It’s a real concern that could delay the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.  The good news is that as adoption grows, and volumes increase, the volatility will decline. Besides, cryptos like IOTA (MIOTA) could already have a solution to this problem in the near future. IOTA’s solution to this problem is Qubic.

Once it becomes operational, Qubic will have smart contracts that eliminate the volatility that currently characterizes IOTA and other cryptos. That’s because, it will allow for smart contracts to be set up at a mutually agreed value of IOTA (MIOTA). According to a 2018 article by a member of the IOTA foundation, Qubic will make it possible to outsource the volatility. He writes that,

If you can margin trade on the IOTA protocol, you can also make contracts on IOTA/USD and other IOTA/FIAT rates. And that is the groundwork for allowing you to hold a fiat coupled cryptocurrency: your funds will be stored safely on the Tangle with all the advantages it offers (feeless, instant and scalable transactions) while you can hold your value tied to fiat money. Basically you open an option with another party through a smart contract guaranteeing you that you can convert your “virtual fiat” back to iotas of the exact same fiat value at any point in time, ultimately outsourcing the volatility.

This is a good reason to be bullish on IOTA (MIOTA). That’s because, in the long run, it is cryptos that can guarantee stability that will gain in adoption. That’s due to practical business reasons such as everyday business transactions, where people expect to receive the same amount of value that they have transacted for.

The only thing that could hold IOTA back is a delay in the release of Qubic. But this won’t be an issue for long. While as per the Qubic website, there aren’t hard dates for the release of Qubic, there is progress on the roadmap. This is a good indicator that in the near future, Qubic will be a reality, and will have smart contracts running on it.

From an investor standpoint, this is a reason to be long term bullish on IOTA. That’s because, once IOTA Qubic becomes a reality, IOTA could dominate entire industries, from finance to global supplies.  This easily makes IOTA (MIOTA) one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies in the market today.  IOTA (MIOTA) rose to over $5, when it hadn’t achieved half of what it has achieved today. With Qubic and the adoption that the tangle is gaining in the market, IOTA (MIOTA) could be headed for double-digit valuations in the future. It’s crypto worth watching in spite of all the volatility and uncertainties of the crypto market. This also makes it highly undervalued at current prices, when its trading under a dollar. 


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