Nano (Nano), Nano Coin

One common argument often used against Nano (Nano) is that, it is too centralized in its distribution. However, this is not something that is unique to Nano (Nano). Even the distribution of Bitcoin (BTC) is skewed towards very few addresses, when looked at from a broader perspective. As such, this is not something that should deter anyone from investing in Nano (Nano). In fact, looking at the bigger picture, it shouldn’t be a consideration at all. Here’s why.

First, as more people enter into crypto space, the number of addresses holding Nano (Nano) will increase, making it much more decentralized in its distribution. In essence, time in the market will ultimately make the distribution of Nano as good as any other major crypto.

Secondly, no matter how many people invest in crypto, there will always be people who have more than others. It’s a scenario that applies in all aspects of life. It’s simply a case of the Pareto principle or the 80-20 rule. This principle states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. If you look at all the inventions that have changed the world, for instance, they come from a very small number of people. When it comes to wealth distribution, it gets even worse. At the moment, statistical data shows that 1% of the world population owns over 45% of all the world’s total wealth. This makes the perception of unfair distribution in Nano (Nano), and in most cryptos, in general, look like child’s play.

In essence, when looking to invest in Nano (Nano), this shouldn’t even be a cause of concern. One should simply focus on other aspects of this crypto as a metric. There are multiple reasons why Nano) comes across as a good investment.

One of them is the fact that it is feeless. This may sound like a cliché thing at the moment, but it is very important. That’s because, it places Nano (Nano) in direct competition with most of the world’s existing payment systems, and this is one battle it has a high probability to win. That’s because, there would be no point in someone making use of a centralized fee-based system, when they can make transactions instantly and for free. Once the world catches up on Nano (Nano) as a payment method, it could end up as a dominant player in payments. This is a massive reason to be bullish on Nano (Nano) in the long run.

Another reason to be bullish on Nano (Nano) is the fact that it is scalable. Scalability is a huge problem for decentralized technologies at this point. Nano (Nano) is one of those that have managed to solve this problem. That’s because it runs on DAG technology, which places it in a good position for adoption going into the future. On the basis of these factors, Nano (Nano) comes across as a highly undervalued cryptocurrency. It may not be performing well at the moment, but it has good prospects for growth in the future.  Hints to Nano’s growth are there, including the fact that it’s ranking higher on Google search, unlike in the past when the word Nano was ranking for Nano technology and not Nano the cryptocurrency.


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