Dash (DASH) is engaging its network widely across the globe and its adoption in the real world has helped it to become a much bigger and wider network.  

As per a recent report, data collected from Coinmetrics shows that Dash, when compared to most of the top altcoins, is leading the way in fastest growing active addresses. Due to its excessive usage in Venezuela, Dash has seen around a 58% surge in the total number of its active addresses. As per the stats, the figure has reached to 74,000 from 46,000 within a year. 

Over the last one-year, different assets had a different rate of change in their active addresses. Bitcoin saw an increase by up to 20%, whereas Ethereum dropped to 29%. Litecoin has seen a massive drop of up to 40%. Other digital assets had a mixed rate of change in their active addresses. But Dash has been the standout with 58% increase in its active addresses. 

The CEO of Dash, Ryan Taylor stated that the usage of Dash is more than BTC and LTC combined in Venezuela. There is a large number of merchants who are using Dash. So far, around 2 to 3 thousand merchants have accepted Dash. The low-cost transactions and security of the Dash platform have led it to more adoption.  

Dash has focused on the real-world usage of the asset and that’s why it has been successful than most of the top assets so far. As the crypto industry expands and becomes more efficient, the world will move towards cryptocurrency.  

So, countries like Venezuela, who have sanctioned and are economical destabilized would go towards digital assets. We have already seen Dash (DASH) making a massive impact in Venezuela, and how successful it has been. It will keep on growing at a higher rate if the industry keeps on making major breakthroughs.  

Earlier this year, Dash was added to MasterCard which now allows users to buy and sell their coins through this platform. Moreover, Ryan also stated about the Dash wallets that are in-built in their mobile phones. He claimed that Dash has already shipped around a hundred thousand of those phones across different countries. 

The future already looks very bright for Dash, and its increasing adoption is a key factor that will take it further up in the market. As the market has shown signs of improvement, we might see Dash surge high once again. At the time of writing, Dash (DASH) was trading with a price of $167.08 USD with a market cap of $1.4 billion and a trading volume of half a billion.  


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