IOTA has made some amazing partnerships in the past, including some in the auto industry. However, in terms of the potential to opening up IOTA to true mass adoption, none comes close to the deal with EVRYTHING. EVRYTHING is a platform that activates virtually any product and makes it traceable. With EVRYTHING, it is possible to learn the story of virtually any product on the planet, including everyday consumer items. So powerful is EVRYTHING that earlier in the year, it won the “IoT partner Ecosystem of the world” award, and was recognized by major financial publications such as Yahoo Finance and Fortune magazine. It’s a big deal!

As such, now that this platform is partnering with IOTA, it could be a game-changer in terms of IOTA adoption.  EVRYTHING believes that this partnership with IOTA will lead to more transparency in the information that consumers receive about a product. Part of their article on this partnership read as follows:

While we have been helping brands create direct-to-consumer experiences through mass-scale product digitization for several years—the addition of IOTA’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) allows us to bring a whole new level of transparency to the market. Consumers now receive full provenance information assuring consumers the apparel they buy and wear is ethically sourced from sustainable sources.

This is a big deal because, it is an incentive for producers across industries to make use of IoT technology for two reasons. The first one is in the fight against counterfeits. It is no secret that counterfeits are a real problem in the global supply chain. Counterfeits have over the years got so sophisticated that in some cases, it is impossible to tell fakes from real products. This has cost businesses money, and EVRTHING is a step towards getting rid of this problem. That’s because, with the partnership between IOTA and EVRYTHING, authentic information about products will be available on the immutable IOTA DLT.

Secondly, it is a powerful advertising tool for businesses of all sizes.  Over the years, consumers have become more aware of issues like global warming and how it is linked to global business. That’s why over 80% of consumers prefer companies that have an element of corporate social responsibility.  With this platform, it is easy for consumers to learn more about a product, and the environmental sustainability steps that were taken in its production.

All these factors point to the possibility of IOTA making it big in the IoT space, where everyone in the world will interact with the IOTA tangle in one way or the other. This also makes IOTA (MIOTA) one of the most undervalued cryptos at current prices. As adoption gains traction and people get to understand decentralization better, the value of IOTA could be huge. This is a crypto that rose from nothing to over $5 on FOMO alone. Now that the fundamentals are all in place, the next Bull Run could see it blow past these levels, and establish new highs. The future looks good for IOTA investors.


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