Bitcoin SV

We have seen yet another Bitcoin dominating most of the market. Bitcoin SV (BSV) the crypto with the 12th largest market cap has shown massive progress in the last 24 hours. Since the inclusion of BSV in the market, it has shown positive progress.  

The recent surge of BSV in the market tends to follow the news that Craig Wright now officially has the copyrights of the Bitcoin whitepapers and its official code. This news struck hard and BSV saw a rise in its price up to 200% on some exchanges.  

Ever since Bitcoin (BTC) was invented, the identity of the creator of BTC (Satoshi Nakamoto) has remained unknown. Craig Wright has created controversies over the past few months on this topic that he is the one who created BTC, the leading digital asset in the market. But, this might end up as FOMO because certain things are yet to unleash.

The US Copyright Office has recognized Craig Wright as the official holder of the BTC whitepaper and its code. This has created a FUD among the crypto community that who was the real creator of Bitcoin. This might remain unknown for now, but Craig now has the official copyright of BTC. These rights have nothing to do with ownership of the coin or nor does it represent the patents. 

The Coin Center executive director, Jerry Brito said that registering a copyright is just like filing a form and the US Copyright Office does not investigate the validity of the claim. If anyone is competing for the claims that the Office will have to register all of them.  

Bitcoin SV has been very successful so far and Craig wants it to be the real Bitcoin in the industry. It’s still new in the market but has the old ideology of BTC and that is the key reason it is ranked at 12th place. As far as, BTC remains the dominant asset in the market, it will benefit BSV. 

Bitcoin SV has proven to be a strong competitor in the market. Let’s see how it generally behaves in the upcoming bullish markets. So far, it has performed well and the future of BSV looks bright.

At the time of press, Bitcoin SV (BSV) was rising at a rate of 65% and was trading at a price of $103.10 USD. The price of BSV has seen a massive rise in the last one day. It has jumped from $65 USD to $103 USD, which is huge. The market cap was around $1.8 billion with a trading volume of $835 million. 


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