Theta (THETA), THETA Token

In a market with close to 2000 cryptocurrencies, choosing the right ones can be an uphill task. That’s because, there are lots of projects that are only riding the crypto wave, but have nothing to offer. Some are outright scams, while others have a weak use case, and are going nowhere. Things get trickier as you go down below the top 10 in market cap. Nonetheless, there are a few hidden gems that have a real shot at making it big in the long run. One of them is Theta (THETA).

Theta is no random token in the top 100. It has a use case that could revolutionize video streaming. That’s because, the cost of delivering video, especially 4K videos is continually going up. Theta gets rid of this problem through a distributed video delivery platform. On this platform, Theta users can sell their excess bandwidth for Theta tokens. So far it is working pretty fine. For instance, in sessions when has failed to use Theta in delivering content, the cost has shot up significantly. It’s a good signal that Theta has a role to play in the future of video streaming.

Besides its growing adoption, Theta is backed by some influential names that inspire lots of confidence. In its last round of funding, Theta got funding from major organizations like Samsung, NEXT and Blockchain. Samsung is not just a partner in financing, it is also using Theta in its Samsung VR. This is a big deal, and inspires lots of confidence in Theta as an investment.

On top of that, one of its media advisors is a co-founder of YouTube, the world’s leading video website. This is huge because investors can be sure that the direction that Theta takes will always be similar to that of YouTube in terms of video quality. The only difference is that, Theta is decentralizing video. With all the issues such as censorship surrounding YouTube, chances of Theta making it big in the long run are quite high. Clearly, big-name backers and experienced advisors present a good opportunity for Theta investors.

There is also the fact that Theta is fully funded until 2021. This is important because one of the biggest risks that most altcoins face is that of funding.  In fact, if the market remains as it is for another 12-months, most altcoins that are still under development could go under. In essence, a project like Theta that is fully funded for the next 2-years is a solid bet going forward. That’s because, regardless of how the market plays out, Theta development will go on as planned.

With all these factors at play, Theta is without a doubt one of the best cryptos to keep an eye on this year and beyond. This could be the next YouTube, albeit on the blockchain. As it shapes up, its value could go parabolic. It’s an altcoin that can make investors rich in the next bull run.


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